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Womens Saucony Triumph ISO 4

Womens Saucony Triumph ISO 4
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An unbelievable top end cushion trainer for plush long miles or snappy fast efforts.

Womens Saucony Triumph ISO 4

An unbelievable top end cushion trainer for plush long miles or snappy fast efforts.
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Our verdict

A real contender for the best cushion shoe on the market right now. Excellent at each level, from upper to midsole to outsole. A new full-length Everun midsole chews up miles easily out of the box, and the E-TPU compound holds its durability superbly. 90 + miles into the wear test and they are still superb. Just be warned the new midsole may not suit the heavier runner as much as the previous midsole as it’s a lot softer than the Triumph ISO 3.

  • Positive
  • A superb stretchy ISOFIT upper
  • A full length Everun outsole
  • An amazing update to an already good shoe
  • Negative
  • Midsole may not be firm enough for the slightly heavier runner.

First impressions

The Saucony Triumph ISO 4 is their new top end cushion shoe. It is an update that incorporates all the best bits of technology that Saucony currently offers and blends them together effortlessly. Directly pitched against the Brooks Glycerin, asics Nimbus, Nike Vomero, which I have each tested, and the comparison is simple – the Saucony Triumph ISO 4 will be my shoe of choice every time given the option. A powerhouse of a training shoe.

The full length Everun midsole is unbelievably responsive and extremely supple, so from mile one the shoe was fully broken in and felt amazing.

I like they are a proper looking running shoe, without the need to try to be stylish. A workhorse, that delivers all round performance whatever pace you run at.

The shoe is packed with all the usual technology – Flexfilm upper overlays, Full Length Everun midsole, TRI-FLEX outsole and stretchy engineered mesh upper so we know roughly what to expect. Let’s see how they stack up.



I guess we knew the upper would fit well, but the new full length Everun is the biggest update to this shoe. It comes with huge benefits but also some warnings. I am 77kg / 169 lbs and relatively light on my feet, so I loved this midsole. Spongy, flexible and very hard wearing. But if you are a heavier runner (lets say 90kg / 200lbs +), you could well ‘bottom out’ this midsole (fully collapse it) making it feel harsher than the previous model.

The result of full length Everub? A very smooth riding and flexible shoe. The Everun is responsive, giving you that ‘bounce-back’ you expect from an energy-response material – compare this to Adidas Boost. Landings are smooth as you roll through your gait cycle. Very nice, and a great big bonus over the Triumph Iso 3 for me, which I felt was a great shoe, just a little stiff.

I would say this is a real Adidas Boost basher. A similar (almost same) midsole but the overall balance of the Saucony shoe makes it a winner.


The Triumph ISO 4 looks good, we liked the colorways and you notice and appreciate the quality mesh and the seamless overlays. The engineered mesh upper offers a flexible fit and its got a very soft, supply fit in the toe box area.

The fit is excellent on-foot partially down to the dynamic ISO-Fit upper which adapts to the shape of your foot ensuring that the shoes don’t rub, always a benefit especially on longer warmer days. You slide your foot in and the shoe hugs it seamlessly. The ISOFIT fingers are well placed and securely locks the foot in place when tied up.

The overlays are made for FlexFilm material; a strong and lightweight TPU that is HF welded on the upper for strength in key areas of stress. This result is fewer and lighter layers on the shoe.

The heel area is soft and comfortable, with a well padded and smooth internal fit.


The de-coupled crash pad and chevron outsole grip work well to keep things cushioned and smooth. Designed to have a larger surface area, the outsole is flexible and durable, but it lacked some all weather grip the some Tri-Flex Saucony outsole deliver. I am guessing here, but it’s a pretty good assumption, that the design team too away the deep Tri-Flex grooves in the outsole / midsole combination because you get a more flexible ride from full length Everun, but its taken away some of the lug pattern.


The full length Everun midsole and an incredible upper combine to make the Saucony Triumph ISO 4 a leading option for anyone wanting a cushion training shoe. Its all-round responsiveness and durability make it a one shoe for all training purchase. Heavier runners just be careful but otherwise there is very little to say about this shoe without using superlatives. As updates go, this is right up there as one of the best ever. Did I say I loved this shoe enough already?

Technical info

Engineered Mesh - With perforations offering maximum ventilation.

ISO-FIT - Adapts to the shape and motion of the foot for maximum comfort and flexibility.

FlexFilm - Offers a seamless, flexible feel.

Additional Overlays - Over the toe box for extra durability.

RunDry Collar - With a moisture wicking technology for a plush feel.

Full-length EVERUN Midsole for enhanced energy return and continuous cushioning throughout the run

Tri-Flex - Delivers increased ground contact for greater grip and optimal flexibility at toe-off.

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Shoe details

Gender Womens
Year 2017
Season Spring
Current model
Release date 2018
MSRP $160.00
Heal Drop 8mm
Weight 9.4oz. / 266g


Shoe Type
Light Trail
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