This shoe is quite light and responsive but you will still be getting a bit of medial support that will be welcomed by over-pronators. Very breathable uppers also give good comfort.

Road Race Suitability

  Elite Performance Protection
Half Marathon

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Rating of 9_0
A review by drifter
May 12, 2010
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Great racing shoe

Usually wear support shoes, like equalon, gt2120, Omnis and tried these as my first racing shoe. Completed 3 marathons, and 3 HM with no problems. Nearing 200 miles and showing a lot of wear, as sole is very soft but support/comfort great.
Rating of 7_0
A review by oakey
April 10, 2010
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A light shoe wanted

I have not had them very long and only worn for a few speed training / short runs. Are very light and comfortable but feel i could have done with next half size up. Left toe rubs end of shoe which is painful. Felt ok when tied on in shop. I am a very light runner, 47kg.
Rating of 8_0
A review by joan90
February 5, 2009
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good racer

Ran 5ks, 10ks and triathlons in these all last season and really enjoyed the lightness, good fit, good road feel but enough protection for my feet. ONly downside is that the black toe area protection has worn right through and the sole in general is looking ragged after not many miles (I don't train in these much). But I'd say very good for a runner who is light (I am female sub 60kg) and likes to be light on your feet.
Rating of 8_0
A review by rojo
June 9, 3165
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Great fit & performance but outsole wears quickly

A really good shoe. Really responsive and pretty good cushioning for the weight. The one glaring issue is the forefoot outsole wear which is rapid. Rubber was peeling off after the 1st run. To be honest I've clicked up a fair few miles since then but if they can resolve this next edition, I'd give them a 9 & a 1/2.
Rating of 9_0
A review by adrian
September 6, 2008
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Fastwitch 3

Comfortable ride and some medial support makes this a good choice for longer races. Take care on the sizing.

Here's the link to the full review
Rating of 5_0
A review by hobbitbean
August 20, 2008
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Light but tight

It's definitely light and makes you feel fast!
Unfortunately I think the fit is smaller than the usual Saucony fit, therefore I probably would have got on better with the next size up.
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