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Mens Saucony Freedom ISO 2

Mens Saucony Freedom ISO 2
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A light, responsive trainer that's very flexible and could prove right for those that supinate. The TPU based midsole has a springy feel and with an upper that wraps around the foot snugly. It is undeniably a comfortable shoe.

Mens Saucony Freedom ISO 2

A light, responsive trainer that's very flexible and could prove right for those that supinate. The TPU based midsole has a springy feel and with an upper that wraps around the foot snugly. It is undeniably a comfortable shoe.

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Our verdict

A springy ride that knows no limits. For those looking to achieve their personal goals, the Freedom ISO 2 lets you chase them on daily runs that will feel nimble and responsive with nothing to hold you back.

  • Positive
  • Responsive feel
  • Light and flexible
  • Race-like fit
  • Negative
  • Perhaps a little too flexible

First impressions

A springy ride and flexible feel, the shoe feels more like a race day shoe with a little more cushioning than an everyday trainer. 

If you are a mid to forefoot striker this may be the perfect shoe for you as it's flexible and adapts to this type of gait. It also works well for supinators, the flexibility of the shoe helping the otherwise inflexible foot.

The Freedom ISO 2 sits within a strong neutral shoe line-up. The Triumph 17 and a lighter version of the Triumph, the Freedom 3 are the same price as the ISO 2. A cheaper but plus riding Saucony Ride is below it in the range along with the Echelon 7.


A full-length platform of EVERUN sits between your foot and the ground, for the ultimate in soft landings and springy takeoffs. EVERUN is created by stream-fusing thousands of bouncy TPU beads; it yields 83% energy-return with a construction that is three times more durable but three times less temperature-sensitive than standard EVA. Supplementing an already-lively midsole, a layer of TPU foam (named an EVERUN Topsole) lies below the sockliner to help maintain impact protection. This plush, propriety construction means that resilient cushioning is brought closer to the foot and because the force is distributed over a larger surface area, peak pressures are lowered on each stride. This winning combination means your use of superfluous muscle power is reduced, diminishing fatigue and enhancing performance, keeping you motivated for longer. Combined with Saucony's FORMFIT 3D contoured footbed, the three-layer foam footbed cradles the foot for increased support and better adaptability.


The ISOFIT upper is constructed with an ISOKNIT dynamic upper, the Freedom ISO 2 will encase each foot in breathable comfort. The ISOKNIT upper adapts to the shape and motion of the runner's foot providing freedom of movement for a natural running motion. The engineered knit provides comfortable support and increases airflow to create a better, healthier environment for your feet to thrive in. Reinforced material at the toe offers increased protection and durability against bumps and grazes. The low profile design offers lots of ground contact, combined with the natural flexibility of the knit upper, the Freedom ISO 2 allows you to instinctively react throughout your run. A traditional lace system and a padded tongue make getting the right fit easy to tailor and feel comfortable. A streamlined support frame makes the shoe ideal for holding the heel in place.


The shoe uses Saucony's TRI-FLEX Crystal Rubber on the Freedom ISO 2's outsole. The material offers users fantastic grip and traction on uneven and wet surfaces. It is also extremely durable, making it able to be used on the rough ground safe in the knowledge that it is able to handle it. The actual detailing on the sole on the lugs means that forces are dispensed over a large surface area, whilst it delivers extreme flexibility for traction.


This is a great shoe for the right runner. Those that supinate a little will be the perfect candidate for it. It's flexible, perhaps too flexible and thats what helps those with otherwise quite rigid feet.

Light and responsive its a lively feeling shoe and more like a racer than an everyday trainer.

Technical info

ISOKNIT Material - Engineered knit material that morphs to the foot for custom feel.

Lightweight Material - Gentle feel and light structure overall.

Reinforced Toe Protection- Increased protection and durability against bumps.

Low Profile Design- Works with the flexible upper for a reactive run.

Traditional Lace Closure and Padded Tongue - Comfortable and secure fit.

Streamlined Frame - Heel held into place.

EVERUN Midsole- Gives maximum energy-return and moderate cushioning.

EVERUN Topsole- For continuous cushioning and enhanced responsiveness.

FORMFIT 3D Contoured Footbed- Increased support and better adaptability.

  • TRI-FLEX Crystal Rubber Outsole - Strong grip on uneven and wet surfaces.
  • Detailed Lugs - Forces dispensed evenly over a large flexible surface area.

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Shoe details

Gender Mens
Year 2020
Season Autumn/Winter
Current model
Release date 2019
MSRP $0.00
Weight 9.1oz / 257g
Heal Drop 4mm


Shoe Type
Light Trail
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