The Freedom ISO is Saucony’s first shoe to offer a full midsole of EVERUN Continuous Cushioning, which means even more energy return, more responsiveness, and more cushioning in this package. Look to the Brooks Pureflow 6 for a similar experience.

First Impressions

There’s a buzz surrounding these shoes so it’s fascinating to check them out close up. Apparently it’s way better at rebound and yes it does feel springy and super light. Not a racing shoe as such, but it is a shoe that is comfortable with just about anything to do with speed.

Sole Unit

The key thing here in the inclusion of Saucony’s Everrun technolgy as a full-length structure in the midsole, instead of being just beneath the sock liner or hedged in the heel area. Wow, it’s great and really creates light, responsive ride. As you’d expect, this shoe is packed with some pretty cool technology like the Crystal Rubber which allows you to see exactly what’s going on in the midsole. The only downside to this, is that it is a little firmer – some will love that, some will want a softer experience. You know who you are. The bottom line, though, is that’s there’s good traction and a good drive-off feel as you run. And, of course, that tougher rubber is pretty durable. Be aware this shoe works off a super low 4mm heel to toe profile so that can be tough to get used to for, let’s say, more experienced runners who have grown up with higher numbers. 


Given this is a shoe about speed, you’ll understand the importance of the seamless upper and wraparound fit to create a performance-type home for you feet. Saucony uses Iso tech to achieve this stable fit along with ultra-light overlays are utilized for improved support and structure. Weight has to be kept to a minimum and this achieves that goal. Cushioning continues, as it does with other Saucony models, with the Everrun topsole and removable sockliner. All in all this is a very flexible shoe because of this build.


Such is the build, you could, should the urge take you run a few track workouts in these shoes. Really, they’re more fast work on the road, but the flexibility and profile is so good, you could go faster and shorter. Great for mid distance runs – but don’t venture too much further than 10km.

How was the Saucony Freedom? Let us know, we’d love to report your findings.

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Gender: Mens
Year: 2017
Season: Spring/Summer
Current model:
RRP: £140.00
Release date: 2017


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Light Trail