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Womens Saucony Endorphin Speed

Womens Saucony Endorphin Speed
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The Saucony Endorphin Speed is a lightweight running shoe designed to make running fast feel easier so you can train harder.

Womens Saucony Endorphin Speed

The Saucony Endorphin Speed is a lightweight running shoe designed to make running fast feel easier so you can train harder.

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Our verdict

One of the best shoes I have worn. High praise for an excellent shoe that delivers on all level of cushioning and responsiveness. For this type of shoe, it is very hard to find any negatives. It is getting close to perfect. 

  • Positive
  • PWRRUN cushioning is superb - energy and cushioning combined
  • Nylon plate delivers efficiency without being overly stiff for a daily trainer
  • Upper fit and lockdown is excellent
  • Negative
  • Grip on wet surfaces is not fantastic
  • Nylon Plate means this is a faster shoe - it does not run smoothly at slower a pace

First impressions

Plated shoes are the future of running and up to now they are better suited to speed and performance. Nike Tempo Next% established the training shoe with plates category but it has its flaws. They Endorphin Speed has taken the perfomance training category to a whole new level with a fantastic balance of energetic cushioning and plated efficiency. Right now, this shoe doesnt really have any competition on the market - it is a stand out product in the industry. 

The Endorphin Speed has the wow factor if you really want to go fast. You can feel the speed underfoot as they urge you to pick up the pace. 


A full length PWRRUN PB midsole (thinking similar to Adidas Boost) is really well cushioned and stacked at 33mm in the heel and 25mm in the forefoot - so its thick. An 8mm drop with a large toe spring to create a very efficient toe off. Cushioning alone, this shoe is great compared to some of its competition, but adding the semi-rigid nylon plate (it's stiff but you can still easily bend it compared to a completely rigid Carbon Plate) has created are really snappy feeling shoe that has no restriction on flex. This combination means you can easily run most days in this shoe without having to worry about stiff calves etc, but the propulsion is excellent. 


A pretty no frills engineered upper with a simple lacing system deliver a good fit without being special and kudos to Saucony for saving money here to put in the midsole to deliver a very commerically priced performance trainer. The forefoot is roomy, the fit is generous and the heel counter is solid so there is no heel slip. 


A cored out rubber outsole delivers plenty of durabilty but keeps the weight in check. The outsole is the only part of the shoe were there are some negatives. On wet roads, the compound is just too hard and it gets slippy. Once or twice I did slow down massively while cornering as I just didn't trust the shoes on the wet surface!



As far as perfromance training shoes go, this is right now, the stand out market leader. No other shoe has managed to combine the balance of cushioning, propulsion and energy return as smoothly and seamlessly as the Endorphin Speed! Bravo Saucony - you have create a monster! 

Other shoes to consider might be the Endorphin Pro and the New Balance Fuelcell TC

Technical info

  • PWRRUN PB is an ultralight PeBa-based foam that provides an extremely bouncy running experience.
  • Nylon Plate keeps your momentum going with a semi-rigid design that provides snappy transitions.
  • SPEEDROLL is an always forward geometry that creates a lively rolling feel underfoot.
  • Carbon Rubber is placed strategically to increase traction and durability while keeping weight to a minimum.
  • FORMFIT mesh upper was inspired by Saucony's track spikes to stretch and adapt for the ultimate light and unrestrained feeling.
  • Heel Support Frame supports the heel through the gait cycle

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Shoe details

Gender Womens
Year 2021
Season Spring/Summer
Current model
Release date 2021
MSRP $0.00
Weight 6.8oz / 198g
Heal Drop 8mm


Shoe Type
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