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Womens Puma Deviate Nitro

Womens Puma Deviate Nitro
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The Puma Deviate NITRO is a carbo plated daily training shoe. Want to run faster everyday? 

Womens Puma Deviate Nitro

The Puma Deviate NITRO is a carbo plated daily training shoe. Want to run faster everyday? 

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Our verdict

Great to see Puma back! A versatile, carbon plated shoe that can be used as a daily trainer. We really liked them so if you want to run faster everyday, consider the Deviate Nitro.

  • Positive
  • Carbon training package
  • Versatility and price
  • Fit and feel
  • Negative

First impressions

Whilst most of the carbon plated running shoes launched in the last twelve months are designed for racing, this shoe is aimed at daily training. In doing this Puma have created a model that offers the soft, highly cushioned feel of the new breed of racers, as well as the energetic and propulsive feel afforded by the carbon fibre plate. But it makes for a much more versatile shoe, one that’s equality happy on long steady runs as it is on a midweek tempo session. 

With a deep Nitrogen-infused midsole the shoe feels soft and plush from the initial ‘step-in’ and has a natural amount of ‘bounce’ that induces a smile across your face, making you want to get going!

Whilst there is a plate embedded within the shoe, the ‘propulsion’ isn’t as noticeable as in many of the plated racing shoes, but that’s fine, think of this as a long-distance cruiser, a GT in the car world perfect for simply sitting back and enjoying the ride.

Yes, it’s a little heavier, but again not so much that’s it’s an issue, It’s a daily trainer and as such the little extra weight adds to the durability. There’s a proper sole on the shoe that offers excellent traction on any surface, not the smooth slither of rubber found on the carbon racers. 

The fit is welcoming too, neat, engineered mesh and a contoured heel collar make for a snug and secure fit that you instantly forget about on the move.


The advanced NITRO FOAM technology providing superior responsiveness while the INNOPLATE carbon fiber plate gives you maximum propulsion. It's lightweight and efficient energy transfer at toe-off.


Engineered mesh upper is simple but fits really well.


PUMAGRIP durable rubber compound provides all-surface traction.


Being a ‘daily trainer’, it’s also priced in the same bracket of many of the shoes in the category, but the added features of the next generation foam and carbon plate make this big cat anything but tame!

Technical info

  • Engineered mesh upper for breathable support
  • Full lace closure for secure lockdown and fit
  • NITRO FOAM midsole for lightweight, responsive cushioning
  • Carbon fiber propulsion plate for maximum speed
  • Full-length rubber outsole provides durable all-surface traction
  • Reflective TPU heel piece for added stability
  • Thin suede lining for close-to-foot feel and reduced irritation
  • PUMA Cat Logo rubber print at lateral toe

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Shoe details

Gender Womens
Year 2021
Season Spring/Summer
Current model
Release date 2021
MSRP $0.00
Heal Drop 8mm


Shoe Type
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