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Mens On Running Cloudventure Peak

Mens On Running Cloudventure Peak
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Mixes response and cushioning with protection to make it one of the fastest trail runners on the market. You can mix and match all day long and probably go a fair distance doing it.

Mens On Running Cloudventure Peak

Mixes response and cushioning with protection to make it one of the fastest trail runners on the market. You can mix and match all day long and probably go a fair distance doing it.
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Our verdict

Good all-round off-roader that is cushioned and responsive. Sometimes an unusual combination for an off road shoe. They look good as well.

  • Positive
  • All round ability
  • Cushioning
  • Look great
  • Negative
  • Good but perhaps not for extreme conditions.

First impressions

Forget these say 'trail', the cushioning and responsive feel means they can cope with a variety of surfaces  - and better, thanks to the shoe’s light weight, they can do it all at pace. It’s an interestingly loose fit which is very comfortable and oddly quite supportive.


On Running boldly uses the word Cloud for many of its shoes - you know, floating on them - and while that’s not precisely the case they are very cushioned thanks to the technology Cloudtec. This does react well and they really do help you move along at pace. Indeed such is the friendly cushioning, they quickly became the reach-for shoe when fast paced running was order of the day.



A ripstop upper is nice and supportive and for any trail runners who really do plan taking these off-road there’s a protective toe box for speed impact. They are a competitive shoe with speed in mind, but they don’t provide this at the expense of protection - good news when it really comes to tackling hills, woods and generally tough off-road conditions. Perhaps we wouldn’t venture beyond the tree line in these, but they can cope with quite a lot of nastiness and were dry feeling in pretty muddy, damp conditions.


At first glance, the grip doesn’t look that sensational, but that’s not the case. The 4 level Grip-Profile actually copes perfectly well with a good mixture. One run took in some damp concrete paths, but at a moment’s notice changed to slick muddy trails, turning back to dry road. All passed without a murmur, well, almost without. They are cushioned and the grip is good, but for so reason the cushioning felt a little hard underneath the forefoot on a couple of runs. Was that because we were running quicker (really true), or because it’s a little harder than the rest of the shoe - not sure. What is certain is that they performed well and were quickly part of the stable.


More than happy with mixed conditions both in terms of terrain and weather. Ideally, you’ll take them mostly off-road but they won’t be alarmed with pace work in the park or on canal paths. They’ll perform in a race as well.

Technical info


Cloudtec Elements allow a cushioned foot strike and interlock for a firm push-off.

Speedboard is a full length plate that evenly distributes pressure across the Cloud elements.


Micro-engineered Grip-Rubber is made for optimal traction through extreme movement.


Ripstop upper provides an ultra lightweight upper that repels water.

Taped reinforcements provide nearly weightless structure to the upper, sealing out water while enhancing fit.

Lightweight welded eyestay reduces weight while allowing quick and easy lacing.

Rubber toe-cap is fused with mesh upper for lightweight protection.

Extended rubber heel cage provides additional security.

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Shoe details

Gender Mens
Year 2017
Season Autumn
Current model
Release date 2017
MSRP $149.99
Weight 9.7oz. / 274g
Heal Drop 6mm


Off Road Use
Short Trail
Long Trail
Shoe Type
Light Trail
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