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Womens On Running Cloudflow

Womens On Running Cloudflow
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A lightweight shoe that is great for racing or training off-road

Womens On Running Cloudflow

A lightweight shoe that is great for racing or training off-road
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Our verdict

A lighter shoe that can mix racing with a fair amount of everyday road mileage. Easy to get on with from the very first run.

  • Positive
  • Light and very cushioned
  • Negative
  • Picks up rocks and stones too easily
  • Not much support

First impressions

When I picked up these shoes I have to say two things came straight to mind: light, competitively so. When was the next race? And also, does this sole really not pick up stones. Well, I bet you guessed the answer for that one! A brilliant shoe, love them in fact, for fast paced summer running, but do not wander anywhere near any gravel in them otherwise you’ll pick up a fair amount of that path and carry it around for a mile or two. This is a shoe that will only suit a blessed few in that it’s a lightweight, neutral shoe that isn’t big on support. Yes, it’s flexible, yes it is more than capable of coping with longer runs for the biomechanically efficient among us, but they aren’t really everyday runabouts. Not a criticism, but be aware of how you plan to use them.


As you’d expect the appropriately named Zero-Gravity EVA used is very light and responsive. This is a shoe that responds in the drive off phase. The pods certainly feel like they’re doing just that, which you can’t really argue with. Perhaps more significantly, the shoe does react to your individual stride and as much as is possible, allows the runner to go through a natural gait cycle. As you can imagine, that means you’ll run more efficiently and therefore quicker. The stopwatch confirmed that on occasion (but sorry, not on every run, there are limits after all). I think the bottom line is to think of these shoes that help you right through the toe-off phase and you’ll be able to picture how they work.


Mesh is the name of the game for this shoe. Summer, or at the very least spring is the best time to experience the lightweight, breathable engineered mesh. It’s a breathable material that has the feel of a woven cloth. It wraps around the foot securely, but it allows the runner to move as naturally as possible. As with every shoe built with this flexibility in mind, there’s a great, comfortable sock liner - secure and non-irritating. Small details include the pull loop on the heel which allows the shoe to be put on and off quickly.


This grabs your attention. The pods look the part and live up to the name ‘cloud’. These are cushioned shoes, although I did notice that the forefoot was a little flat. As someone who drives off from their toes, it was a little surprising given the rest of the shoe is so soft and responsive. What is certain, they are light and grip the ground superbly well. In fact, I dare to fly through the forest and off-road paths in them with no problem. Great news for something that might appear to be a road running shoe on the shelf. You can mix and match.


Fast, responsive type of shoe that enjoys the challenge of a race but can cope with a bit of everyday action - especially for biomechanically efficient neutral runner.

Technical info

Zero-Gravity EVA foam

Adaptive, engineered mesh uses the latest weave-technology to blend breathability with support, while antimicrobial treatment guarantees a lasting freshness run after run after run.

Responsive flex and rocker that promotes flow-motion. It encourages the natural rolling process, promotes explosive take-offs.

A first-layer in-built sock.

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Shoe details

Gender Womens
Year 2018
Season Spring/Summer
Current model
Release date 01/08/2017
MSRP $140.00
Weight 190g / 6.7oz.
Heal Drop 6mm


Shoe Type
Light Trail
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