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Unisex Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next Percent 2

Unisex Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next Percent 2
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Probably the most eagerly awaited update to the worlds most talked about racing shoe is here!

Unisex Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next Percent 2

Probably the most eagerly awaited update to the worlds most talked about racing shoe is here!

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Our verdict

You only need to look at the front of any marathon race to see the majority of runners wearing the Vaporfly. Others brands have introduced fantastic carbon racers that challenge, but these shoes have gone sub-2, so they'll be fast enough for you! Now cheaper but racing only we'd suggest.

  • Positive
  • Improved upper
  • Great propulsion
  • Price drop
  • Negative

First impressions

Having quite literally taken the world by storm, claiming several World and National records and medals in the last couple of years, the eagerly awaited update is finally here. 

It is perhaps testament to the abilities of the first shoe that means we see only minor updates to the shoe, with the business side of things (the midsole and that all-important carbon-fibre plate) remaining unchanged.

One very important update is the new lower price. Seems strange to say, especially for a shoe still costing over £200, but that’s a £30 reduction on the previous version.




The ZoomX midsole is as before. Pebax foam, Nike's lightest, is their most responsive foam yet and it helps to decrease energy loss and increase stamina. This, coupelled with a full-length curved carbon fibre plate propels the foot like a catapult!


A new engineered mesh material is introduced in the upper, soft, more breathable and more flexible I found. This makes for a neater fit, particularly around the toe box where the previous Vaporweave upper tended to bunch a little. The new upper sits neater against the foot and all-together a better fit. This new upper also has a reinforced section around the forefoot, this holds the foot securely in place and adds a little durability to the shoe.

The tongue see a little more padding added, it’s not enough to add extra weight but again adds to the comfort, taking a little pressure from the laces.


Durable rubber outsole increases traction and durability in high-wear areas.


Overall performance feels very familiar, simply a better fit, especially for those with slimmer of lower volume feet. That smile inducing feeling the moment you pull on the shoes remains and the giddy excitement that follows as you pick up the pace is sure to keep the shoe at the head of the pack.

Technical info

  • Redesigned Mesh Upper - Provides lightweight comfort and breathability. 
  • Reinforcements - Ensures durability and protection. 
  • Internal Foam Pod - Provides cushioning. 
  • Tongue Padding - Reduces lace pressure. 
  • Lacing System - Locks down the midfoot for a distraction-free fit. 
  • Lace Loop - Takes pressure off the instep. 
  • ZoomX Midsole - Manufactured from Pebax, it's Nike's lightest, most responsive foam yet; it helps to decrease energy loss and increase stamina. 
  • Full-Length Curved Carbon Fibre Plate - Creates a stiff platform of propulsion. 
  • Durable Rubber Outsole - Increases traction and durability in high-wear areas. 
  • Lengthwise Flex Grooves - Enhance multi-surface traction in a variety of weather conditions.

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Shoe details

Gender Unisex
Year 2021
Season Summer
Current model
Release date 2021
MSRP $0.00
Heal Drop 8mm
Weight 6.9oz / 195g


Shoe Type
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