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Mens Nike Zoom Vaporfly

Mens Nike Zoom Vaporfly
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Top notch racing shoe comes at a price

Mens Nike Zoom Vaporfly

Top notch racing shoe comes at a price
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Our verdict

A super responsive, lightweight shoe that’s designed for something special. Given its price, it’s most definitely a shoe to be used sparingly to maxmimse the carbon plate technology. 

  • Positive
  • Weight and Cushioning
  • Technology
  • Traction
  • Negative
  • Hard to corner at speed due to the heel depth / stack height ( 39mm )
  • Foam heel seems to wear quickly, time will tell
  • Limited availability to purchase

First impressions

Rarely has a shoe received such rave reviews - a good job given the price! Of course, we can’t promise glory in these shoes but when you put a pair on a 2:48 marathon runner who then clocks 2:44 and improves to his first-ever sub 17min 5k it’s difficult to argue with the praise. Our man in question understandably concludes; This shoe is like nothing else I have owned, it would appear that it is more than just a marathon shoe, versatile at all distances, Nike have definitely pushed the boundaries of a racing flat here and produced an amazing shoe – well done to them. He does admit, however, it’s not a shoe for everyone. Cornering is oddly difficult in them and such is the response/spring that can lead to calf muscle issues. It’s a fascinating shoe and testers conclude the carbon plate actually does propel you forward, in fact it can make you run faster than you would like to be running! There’s a nice problem to have.


The Ultralight Nike ZoomX midsole delivers superb energy return. “It works” is the feel you’l get wearing this shoe. The carbon plate creates a better energy return and results appear to confirm that. The EVA command Nike uses is nice and responsive . Interestingly, the 11mm heel to toe drop is more ‘traditional’ than many shoes out there. Racing shoes tend to operate off 6mm or less - and here’s the cushioned feel of a regular training shoe.


Understandably, everything feels top notch; even the breathable mesh which often can feel too loose for soe. The lghtweight upper has an arch band which Nike say harnesses your speed and our test team agree. It’s not a hard wearing shoe but it’s not designed for that kind of action. The soft, all encompassing upper moulds nicely and settling tinto them is not an issue.


The shoe, which uses a full length carbon plate, sits on a bigh stack of 39mm - almost out of the Hoka school of thought and under that Nike uses special patterns for traction and durability - the minimalist pentagon shapes on the forefoot provide good grip on pavement.


Strictly for racing and then probably not everyone. Keep them for very special occasions and reap the benefits!

Technical info

Full-length carbon plate delivers maximum propulsive sensation.
Lightweight upper with arch band.
Ultralight Nike ZoomX midsole delivers their greatest energy return.

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Shoe details

Gender Mens
Year 2017
Season Autumn/Winter
Current model
Release date 2017
MSRP $250.00
Weight 6.9oz. / 195g
Heal Drop 11mm


Shoe Type
Sorry this website is no longer available