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Mens Nike Terra Kiger 6

Mens Nike Terra Kiger 6
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A good general off-road offering from the brand. Cushioning and traction are good and overall quality is as expected from Nike. 

Mens Nike Terra Kiger 6

A good general off-road offering from the brand. Cushioning and traction are good and overall quality is as expected from Nike. 

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Our verdict

For Nike fans and those new to the trail scene, it's a very good shoe. Perfectly adaptable and capable off-road, it's a good general go-anywhere shoe.

  • Positive
  • Nice cushioning feel
  • Good traction on most surfaces
  • Stylish, modern looks
  • Negative
  • Could use a little more traction

First impressions

An update to the previous model, this version sees the new React foam being used for a more responsive feel. On firm ground it noticeable and offers a different feel to many trail shoes, something that perhaps those new to the trails will enjoy more than off-road regulars.

The Kiger 6 sits above the Wildhorse 6 in the range. Both are very good nike off-roaders and worthy of consideration.


The Zoom Aiir is a welcome feature and adds some technical cushioning to this off-roader. There's a rock plate in there too, so that Air is protected from sharp stones and rocks. 

The 4mm drop feels ok and hardly noticeable, especially on rougher trails where you'll be a little more cautious of foot placement anyway.

For Nike regulars it's a familiar feel.


A stylish and updated upper provides a secure lock down around the foot and keeps the shoe in place. All the materials are breathable and drain well, and there's additional protection around areas of contact and wear for durability.


A standard multi-direction thread pattern provides good traction on climbs as well as descents. What is different is the 'sticky' rubber section which provides extra grip on wet rock. 


A good general off-road offering from the brand. Cushioning and traction are good and overall quality is as expected from Nike. For most the shoe will be all the trail shoe they'll need, but if you are venturing a little more off the beaten track you may want more grip and more cushioning. As with all trail shoes, it's 'horses for courses'.

Technical info

Nike React is soft and responsive cushioning compound built to deliver a high level of shock absorption without sacrificing energy return.

Zoom Air located in the heel consists of low-profile pressurized air pockets that flex on contact for responsive cushioning.

Segmented Rock Plate in the forefoot helps protect your foot on rough terrain without sacrificing flexibility or ground feel. 

Multi-Directional Lugs made of high-abrasion rubber are strategically placed to provide enhanced grip both on descents and ascents.

Sticky Rubber Pod at the midfoot delivers good wet-surface traction particularly on wet rock.


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Shoe details

Gender Mens
Year 2020
Season Summer
Current model
Release date 2020
MSRP $130.00
Weight 9.3oz / 263g
Heal Drop 4mm


Off Road Use
Short Trail
Long Trail
Shoe Type
Light Trail
Severe Trail
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