The Shox system is often best suited to heavier runners but this uses Air in the Shox columns. Different pressures are used in the men's and women's shoes for a gender specific ride. It sounds gimmicky but rides well from heel to forefoot. It is a shame the shoe looks so f*shion (sorry to use the F-word) as it actually performs as a protective, well cushioned, running shoe.

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A review by number1woman
January 12, 2020
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The Lightest Shoe for the Lead Foot - from Veteran Shox Runner

I have been wearing Shox ever since its emergence (early 2000s). I was a diehard Asics fan until they changed the 2020. I have a Bakers cyst in my right knee - a byproduct of training hard too soon after a marathon. I am a lead foot even though my frame is petite - think clump, clump. I needed a shoe that would cradle my knee, absorb the impact of my entire weight with each step, and still allow me to run fast. I am incredibly sensitive - shoe too heavy = fail, shoe too light = fail, shoelaces too tight, too loose = fail, sidewalk uneven = fail, etc. I need everything in a shoe. The R4 did me well despite being a fashion shoe until my bakers cyst and they altered the original R4. I tried every Shox since the early 2000's. I found the zoom 2:40 then the Experience. BTW - I have been running for almost 30yrs - I only looked at the R4 because I thought the design was perfect for my heavy "thuds".

The Experience makes me feel like I am the fastest runner on earth while still protecting my now aged limbs with the same heavy step. I gave it a 9, because it is not as available now. I can pick it up on Ebay reasonably priced. but it is not as common.

If you are a heavy runner who needs the stability and protection without the weight (shoe weight, that is), this is a great shoe. The R4 was great for my younger years. The Experience is keeping me running into my second half century:) - Longtime distance runner from marathons to 5miles - routinely 5-10:).
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