Out in July: Very light racing shoe and yet this actually packs a fair level of cushioning. Most racers at this weight (this is just 150g on our scales!) are very low profile yet this has a depth to the midsole to go with the springy ride. The upper is minimal but does hug your foot very well.

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Half Marathon
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A review by art
November 28, 6308
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I will worn you(who need to buy)

I'm lunaracer owner, I can use it only 4 month the upper too slim you can't use it in marathon. be carefull.
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A review by swooshman
August 27, 2008
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Good but not all rosy

Very light and well cushioned. Extremely responsive and surprisingly stable according to the treadmill video analysis I had done at Sweatshop when I bought them. However, one word of caution; somewhat stupidly on my part, I first wore them in a 10k road race (I know, I know) and after 3k, both heels tabs were eating into my achilles tendons. I ran the next 7k in agony (out and back course) and my achilles were covered in blood by the end. Admittedly it rained during the race and my socks were cotton/extremely wet which may have contributed to the abrasive effect, but the overall profile of the shoe is much lower in height than most trainers (having compared them with various other Nike models I won) and thus they may simply have been rubbing on virgin skin as so to speak. This said, I might just be unlucky with this particular pair of shoes. Suffice to say I will be breaking these in gently in training once the blisters heal. Truly hope I can get on with these for the various reasons I alluded to at the start of this review. I'm now going back to school to relearn the lesson of not wearing shoes for the first time in a race!
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A review by swords
August 20, 2008
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Lunaracer short review

Just got them through in UK size 9. The shoe weighed in at 180 grams which is more than I thought.

I have a pair of New Balance's that are only 40 grams heavier and less than half the price.

The top of the shoe is semi-transparent but quite strong. I doubt these could withstand rain very well, sunny and use on tarmac/track only.

They look better in picture than real life, when you put them on they look like clowns shoes, not as stylish as i'd hoped.

Very comfortable, flexible, cushioning around the heel. Overall a keeper because the looks aren't so bad from the side and a unique look.
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