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Womens Nike Air Zoom Structure 20

Womens Nike Air Zoom Structure 20
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The stability legend now in this 20th form. A nike shoe for the more severe pronator but with a snappy, responsive feel.

Womens Nike Air Zoom Structure 20

The stability legend now in this 20th form. A nike shoe for the more severe pronator but with a snappy, responsive feel.
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Our verdict

In the past shoes offering such support can be a little too bulky, but that is the past. Today, we are looking at support for the more severe pronator out there but with a snappy, responsive feel. The shoe box feel once offered by all stability shoes is very much yesterday thanks not least to the Nike Structure 20.

  • Positive
  • Stable
  • Weight
  • Price
  • Negative
  • Too tight for some
  • Could look better

First impressions

This is a shoe with some serious history. Early Structures – tested by ourselves – were very bulky and non-responsive, but stabile. Today, that stability continues but the Nike Structure 20 offers much much more for what is a very competitive price. The Saucony Hurricane is a good alternative.

They look a bit heavy from a distance but you only have to pick them up and go through the in-store flexing to know that’s not the case. For what is a long distance shoe for over pronators, they are quite competitive and have a nice responsive feel. Flexibility shouldn’t be an issue, while the fit looks superb.

So let’s see how they fare.


Dynamic support midsole provides excellent stability. The shoe feature the usual Posting for support – to stop your knee rolling inwards – but in this much re-worked model Nike removed what essentially was a support bridge  and returned more to a Structure16-type build when dynamic support was first introduced and much of the weight removed. It gives the shoe a light, supportive feel, firmer than most shoes out there. That’s no bad thing, but worth noting. You are not getting a soft ride. Think more ‘snappy’ and responsive – quicker even - and you get the picture

Similarly the outsole has seen some serious reworking and now uses a honeycomb type pattern, which is ribbed on lateral side for better flexibility. Working off what is now a more standard 10mm heel to toe drop, these shoes are quick and easy to get used to.


The major overhaul of the 20 continues with the upper; Nike has removed Flywire and returned to the Dynamic Fit technology; this means the shoes lock down much tighter and really bind to your feet. There’s no soft, might flop around feel here, rather it’s a more workman-like feel. Perfect for a support shoe like this were stability is key. 

There’s a breathable mesh upper and a nice added touch of an inner mesh liner which is almost like a sock – nice and welcoming inside.


Hooray for technology and the advances shoes have seen. What was once a category that doomed runners to solid, heavy shoes is now comparable to any other in the fast, flexible market. Over pronators, you will love the dynamic feel these shoes provide Sure, they are swifter feeling models out there, but our testing team felt right at home piling in the miles in these shoes over most surfaces. Thick mud might be a slight issue but that’s being really picky!

Do you have a favourite Structure; let us know your favourite model.

Technical info


Dynamic Support midsole consists of dual density Phylon and Cushlon foams for a soft feel with resilient cushioning.

Crash pad at the bottom of the heel is a decoupled, gender-specific unit that reduces impact shock and corrects over pronation.

Zoom Air located in the forefoot consists of low-profile pressurized air pockets that flex on contact for responsive cushioning.


Environmentally Preferred Rubber located in the forefoot provides multi-surface traction.

Waffle outsole design provides improved multi-surface traction and a touch of cushioning.

BRS 1000 carbon rubber provides durable traction.

Deep Anatomical Flex Grooves offer flexibility and mobility for a smooth ride.


Engineered Flymesh comprises the upper for flexibility and breathability.

Dynamic Flywire flattened out and widened, along the medial side and half the lateral side, provides superior lockdown and unmatched fit while reducing the shoes overall weight.

Bonded Overlays are strategically placed for increased flexibility and a secure fit.

Dynamic Fit uses a supportive inner sleeve that wraps under the arch and around the midfoot for increased arch support and an adaptive fit.

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Shoe details

Gender Womens
Year 2017
Season Spring/Summer
Current model
Release date 2017
MSRP $120.00
Weight 9.6oz. / 272 g
Heal Drop 9mm


Shoe Type
Motion Control
Light Trail
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