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Womens Nike Air Zoom Streak 7

Womens Nike Air Zoom Streak 7
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The Streak remains a road racing shoe in the classic mould, only overlooked nowadays by the craving for carbon plated monster shoes! But for 5 and 10k on the roads, it is still an excellent option.

Womens Nike Air Zoom Streak 7

The Streak remains a road racing shoe in the classic mould, only overlooked nowadays by the craving for carbon plated monster shoes! But for 5 and 10k on the roads, it is still an excellent option.

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Our verdict

Lightweight and minimalist design for the fast boys and girls! The low profile midsole keeps the weight down and certainly for shorter road racing distances, it ensures a great, aggressive toe-off putting all your power into the drive off.

  • Positive
  • Super lightweight
  • Low profile, 'classic racer'
  • Good value
  • Negative
  • Limited cushioning
  • Short distance racer only

First impressions

It's light and fast - exactly what you need in a road racing shoe. There's no carbon here - just fresh air built for speed. Only the fastest need apply.

The Streak is a classic racing shoe and it's been at the heart of the Nike line-up for years. If you are racing over longer distances such as the marathon, don't discount the bulkier but still light, Air Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2. However, if light and fast is your goal the carbon-plated Zoom Fly 3 is a great shoe and a cheaper alternative to the king of racers, the Nike Zoom X Vaporfly Next%.


Nike Zoom Air features in the midsole to supply your stride with extra bounce; it combines pressurised air with internal fibres to deliver responsive cushioning that springs back fast, so you can move faster. Zoom Air's advantage is that, as well as providing excellent impact protection, it boasts a super lightweight and low-profile design which lets your feet sit closer to the ground, enhancing proprioception so that you can run more efficiently. 


A spike-like fit from the lightweight, breathable mesh hugs the foot and keeps things simple.


An adaptive rubber outsole completes the Zoom Streak 7. Its traction pattern features hexagon-like configurations of differing sizes, inspired by generative design that delivers flexible, multi-directional grip. 


If you are checking this shoe out, then you already know how it's going to perform. It's light and fast and only for efficient, quicker paced athletes. For 5k on the roads, it's excellent.

Technical info

  • Engineered Mesh Upper - Provides lightweight and breathable support.

    Internal Arch Strap - For a lockdown fit.

    Thinner Tongue - Reduces bulk for streamlined comfort.

    Padded Ankle Collar - Surrounds the ankle in soft support.

    Updated Anatomical Toe Design - Follows the natural contours of the foot to allow for toe splay and efficient push-off.

    Zoom Air Midsole - Attenuates shock and increases comfort.

    TPU Midfoot Shank - Increases the torsional rigidity of the shoe and enhances propulsion.

    Generative Design Inspired Traction Pattern - Uses an algorithm to identify lug shapes and sizes that optimise propulsion.

    Deep Flex Grooves - Promote a smooth, natural range of motion.

    Carbon Rubber Heel - Increases durability in this high-stress area.

    Blown Rubber Forefoot - Enhances grip and cushioning.

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Shoe details

Gender Womens
Year 2020
Season Summer
Current model
Release date 2020
MSRP $110.00
Weight 6.9oz / 195g
Heal Drop 8mm


Shoe Type
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