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Mens Nike Air Zoom Span

Mens Nike Air Zoom Span
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For a very competitive price, you get a very competitive shoe with the Nike Air Zoom Span. If you are looking for something that will cover your everyday runs needs but allow some speed workouts then this is certainly a model to consider.

Mens Nike Air Zoom Span

For a very competitive price, you get a very competitive shoe with the Nike Air Zoom Span. If you are looking for something that will cover your everyday runs needs but allow some speed workouts then this is certainly a model to consider.
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Our verdict

This shoe is great value because it is so versatile. The Span offers a lovely ride on the road and is suitable for neutral runners as well as those requiring some stability. It's great for everyday training, pace runs and most of us could even race longer races in it. Now that is value!

  • Positive
  • Response
  • Stable cushioning
  • Price
  • Negative
  • Might be slightly wide

First impressions

The Nike Air Zoom Span is great for neutral to mild pronators, great for daily mid-length type runs but best of all great for some speedier running. The Brooks Ghost 9 is a good alternative when it comes to mixing everyday running with pace.

We like the feel – it’s a Pegasus with a touch of support. It looks good, feels nice and light and with the knowledge that there is some mild support in there, we feel good about what it will provide in terms of comfort in the final stages of really long runs.


We’ll say it again, but for the price this is a shoe that offers much of what you need for just about every run unless you’re searching for Olympic glory and then it’s not that far off anyway. Working off an easy to cope with 10mm heel to toe drop, you get Zoom Air in the forefoot and Duralon rubber as well meaning there’s a nice springy touch to your driving off phase. There’s also that classic Nike addition – the waffle sole which means grip is pretty darn good on most surfaces. Running safe in the knowledge that your feet aren’t going anywhere you don’t expect them to not only builds confidence, it helps with fitness as well as you can just, well, run faster. The deep flex grooves are a nice touch for, as they sound, flexibility and response. Basically you can get up on your toes and do some pacier running should you feel the desire.

There is a stability wedge – it doesn’t feel much but it’s doing a reasonable job. You know when your stride starts to collapse inwards at around 20 miles in the marathon, well this is where that support will become useful. Most of us pronate slightly, so perfect for that action. We felt it kick in at the end of a 10-mile test run just as the pace dropped and the hills started, but that’s another story.


Engineered mesh in the forefoot, rare at this price point, but it allows for breathability and it moves pretty easily. Where Nike have saved a little cash is in the – relatively – basic construction of the upper. Some of the bigger ‘fit’ technology is missing, but your foot doesn’t float around. The one-piece construction is comfortable enough and snug enough for most athletes, that you wouldn’t miss the individual fit more expensive Nike shoes provide. 


For what you pay, we love this shoe. It’s particular good at covering most of the bases most of us need – you can run long in it, you can pick up the pace in it and for most of us, it’ll be comfortable for race day. Technology, while not the most extensive out there, is perfect for what it’s designed for – everyday running.

How was the Zoom Span for you? Let us know, we’d love to report your findings.

Technical info

Water-repellent bootie provides warm, dry coverage.

Decoupled crash pad lets you move naturally.

Dual-density midsole for stability that slows the rate of pronation.

Nike Zoom unit in the forefoot for low-profile, responsive cushioning.

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Shoe details

Gender Mens
Year 2017
Season Spring/Summer
Current model
Release date 2017
Weight 9.1oz. / 258g
Heal Drop 10mm


Shoe Type
Light Trail
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