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Mens Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

Mens Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38
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Incredible value for money for this versatile high mileage running shoe. 

Mens Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

Incredible value for money for this versatile high mileage running shoe. 

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Our verdict

I liked the changes to the midsole that were introduced in the Pegasus 37 as it made the Pegasus slightly softer than previous versions but the upper was pretty poor with narrow fit and heel slippage. The Pegasus 38 has the exact same midsole and outsole as the Pegasus 37, but the upper is vastly improved and this is once again a really great, versatile, every day cushioned training shoe

  • Positive
  • Fantastic value
  • Great balance of responsiveness and cushioning
  • Good durability and waffle outsole really versatile
  • Negative
  • Upper is not as breathable as some shoes

First impressions

The current Pegasus is noticeably more cushioned than the more recent previous Pegasus versions due to the softer React foam and the thicker air bag making up the midsole. The upper is really plush and supportive and this shoe is now and incredibly good value all round training shoe that is hard to compete with on price! 


No changes to the Pegasus 37, so lots of React foam, large airbags and a really smooth heel to toe trasition with is one of the best midsoles on the market. Ultra smooth, plush and responsive. Pegasus has always been a solid shoe, and this is absolutely one of the best there has been. 


Big improvements to the fit here, with a much more generous forefoot than the previous version, and much improved heel lock down delivers a solid plush upper that you can adjust to fit most foot shapes. There is a compromise on breathability and on hot days my socks were wet from sweat, so could be an issue for anyone prone to blisters, although I had no such issues. 


The waffle outsole is great. Hard wearing, and really versatile which means you can take the pegasus on road and off without much problem. This is a real do anything go anywhere kind of shoe. 


Issues with the Pegasus 37 upper fit solved. The Pegasus 38 is really had to beat for the price. It remains one of the best value shoes on the market and one of the most versatile.

Technical info

  • Mesh Uppers - Provides ventilated support.
  • Wider Forefoot - Creates space for your toes.
  • Midfoot Webbing - Offers a secure fit.
  • Foam Tongue - Increases comfort.
  • Lacing System - Locks down the midfoot.
  • React Foam Midsole - Delivers lightweight, durable and extremely responsive cushioning.
  • Zoom Units - Placed under the forefoot to enhance responsiveness.
  • Durable Rubber - Provides traction and durability.

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Shoe details

Gender Mens
Year 2021
Season Autumn/Winter
Current model
Release date 2021
MSRP $0.00
Heal Drop 10mm
Weight 10.2oz / 289g


Shoe Type
Light Trail
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