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Mens Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit iD

Mens Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit iD
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A lightweight, bouncy ride that can be customised. Interesting!

Mens Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit iD

A lightweight, bouncy ride that can be customised. Interesting!
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Our verdict

Stylish performance. Big air cushioning and acceptable stability. Great for jogging around the park and meeting your friends in the bar on the way home!

  • Positive
  • Stylish
  • Decent cushioning
  • Negative
  • High performance? Look elsewhere.

First impressions

It was light stepping back in time to a world when Nike ruled thanks to air. Soft, no, make that super-soft and with a very interesting look thanks to that Flyknit fit. These are all about road, probably not huge distances but certainly capable of everyday use that most of us will treat them to. Those looking for exceptional performance footwear, however, may look elsewhere. But if you like to look good, well then these could be your friend!


If you’ve ever run in Nike’s air cushioning technology you’ll know the feel - super soft, but probably a little too much for exceptional performance. However, it’s difficult to argue with the feel; for some that will be pretty much perfect although the softness does detract slightly from the stability and support. A 10mm drop might make these less friendly for the newer set who enjoy the lower drop but for a huge majority that’s pretty much spot on.


Fit has become second nature to Nike these days and Flywire and Flyknit work in pretty much perfect harmony to make for a very secure, comfortable environment for your feet. You cannot argue with the comfort and breathability the shoes provide. Possibly, some out there might like a more solid lockdown feel but - especially if speed is name of the game but for just about everything else you can't really grumble. 



Carved out sections help with the weight reduction (255g for a size 8 mens), while rubber pods help with the durability. You’ll definitely avoid anything that looks like mud in these shoes (although that’s partly due to the funky looking uppers) but they can cope with canal paths, sports pitches and most definitely road.


Style meets performance and probably style wins the day for most  - but if you don’t mind looking the new kid on the block, more mature athletes wouldn’t mind these shoes at all thanks to the cushioning and acceptable stability.

Technical info

Air cushioning provides maximum impact protection from heel to toe. Carved-out sections of the sole help keep the shoe incredibly flexible and lightweight.

Flyknit fabric offers a snug, sock-like fit that wraps your foot in lightweight, breathable comfort.

Flywire technology—strong, lightweight cables that hug the midfoot—integrate with the laces for secure lockdown and stability.

Overlays at the toe and heel add structure for a stable feel

Rubber pods on the sole for durability

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Shoe details

Gender Mens
Year 2017
Season Autumn
Current model
Release date 2017
Weight 9oz. / 255g
Heal Drop 10mm


Shoe Type
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