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Mens Mizuno Wave Sky 5

Mens Mizuno Wave Sky 5
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A top end cushion shoe from Mizuno, packing plenty of cushioning and a hefty price point

Mens Mizuno Wave Sky 5

A top end cushion shoe from Mizuno, packing plenty of cushioning and a hefty price point

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Our verdict

Premium quality shoe ideally suited for moderate pace runs, recovery runs, and long runs on easy days. It's not a great option for speed work as its too unresponsive but this version does much better than the previous ones in this area, and is a big improvement on the Wave Sky 3 and 4.

  • Positive
  • Construction is fantastic
  • Cushioning is exceptional
  • The new smooth stretch technology upper fits like a glove
  • Negative
  • It's just too expensive
  • It's a little heavy for its category
  • Too unresponsive at high pace

First impressions

Straight out the box that shoe looks fantastic and is very well made. The three different midsole foams combine to deliver fantastic cushioning and durability for your long runs. The manufacturing quality is fantastic it's really well built and the new midsole improvements are noticeable over previous models. This new shoe definitely offers a more balanced and soft ride over the previous model thanks to the Enerzy foam, but comparing the ride and the price against other shoes, this is still a fairly hard sell to anyone who isnt a Mizuno salwart!


The new midsole is the real technology update for the Wave Sky with a reversed order of the foam layers.

The U4icX foam which is firmer now acts as a top layer under the foot, while the Enerzy foam that delivers the bounch is now the bottom layer. The middle layer (Enerzy Core foam) remains sandwiched, providing a very soft underfoot feel.

Mizuno has removed the wave plate from the shoe utilising the foam in wave shape, which seems to be a little bit of a cost saving but overall the ride of the midsole is great, and is softer that other Mizuno shoes. 


Smooth stretch technology is a dense weave Jaquard construction that provides effective lockdown and perfect security while running. Toebox is comfortable without being overly generous, and the overall fit remains quite slim and is therefore probably more suitable to a relatively narrow foot. 


The outsole is definitely more zoned with less rubber than a previous versions and there is a nice tread pattern that gives decent grip. The forefoot flex grooves are slightly wider than previous shoes,  so no need to use tweezers to remove small stones anymore! As with all Mizuno shoes the outsole is incredibly hard wearing. 


Probably the most cushioned and comfortable running shoes in the current Mizuno range. It's hard to justify this shoe over the Wave Rider especially with the price difference and compared to some of its competitors such as the Brooks Glycerin, there's probably still some way to go before this is a serious option in max cushion category. Better and cheaper shoes on the market make the Wave Sky seem like a luxury purchase not a sensible one. 

Technical info

  • AeroHug Mesh - Soft mesh fabric that delivers a secure fit and comfortable feel and improves breathability.
  • Dynamotion Fit - Shoe mimics the foot through the gait cycle for a natural and free feeling.
  • Heel Counter - Secures the rearfoot to reduce in shoe slippage during transitions.
  • Traditional Lace Closure - Locks down the midfoot for a secure fit.
  • Adjusted Plush Collar and Tongue - Ultra-comfortable feel on the foot.
  • Fortified Midfoot Straps - To guarantee a secure fit.
  • Mizuno Enerzy Technology - Provides an extremely soft and bouncy feeling whilst retaining more energy.
  • XPOP PU Foam - Unprecedented cushioning with high energy rebound and enhanced durability.
  • Mizuno Wave Foam - Disperses energy on impact for increased stability.
  • X-10 Carbon Rubber - Extremely durable grip with longer wear in high impact areas.

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Shoe details

Gender Mens
Year 2021
Season Autumn/Winter
Current model
Release date 2021
MSRP $0.00
Heal Drop 8mm
Weight 10.9oz / 310g


Shoe Type
Light Trail
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