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Mens Mizuno Wave Sky 2

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A top end neutral shoe with an emphasis on slightly firmer energy return over maximum softness.

Mens Mizuno Wave Sky 2

A top end neutral shoe with an emphasis on slightly firmer energy return over maximum softness.
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Our verdict

Slightly firmer, responsive Mizuno cushioning that gives as much energy back as you put into it. The new exaggerated Wave Plate is a real winner and the Wave Sky 2 is now a credible alternative to the Mizuno Wave Rider 22 for runners wanting maximum cushioning with that legendary responsive feel.

  • Positive
  • New enhanced Wave Plate gives considerable extra spring
  • Supple upper with great midfoot AeroHug security
  • Forefoot cushioning is superb
  • Negative
  • The removable PU feeling sockliner is far too heavy
  • Maybe not enough lug for real versatility

First impressions

The Mizuno Wave Sky 2 uses the same great midsole-outsole as the Wave Sky version but has benefited from an updated and much improved upper. Mizuno’s flagship cushion shoe separates itself from the cushion shoe crowd with an emphasis on delivered a highly responsive sensation instead of chasing the maximum softness. The heel to toe transition is excellent, with a well cushioned heel that is firm but very forgiving, and a forefoot that feels extremely plush.


I really like the new Wave Plate shape in this midsole, because its more exaggerated than the plate in the Wave Rider. The plate is made from pebax (a separate company to Mizuno) and has some elastic property, so it gives way easily when you land on your heel, and it returns to its original shape returning some of the energy back into your stride. Combine the Wave plate with two different high quality EVA compounds and you get that unique Mizuno feeling. The cushioning is plentiful for even the longest runs, but the winner here is the responsiveness that Mizuno shoes offer. The Wave Sky 2 has a bulkier, plusher base than the faster feeling Wave Rider 22, so it is perfect for longer runs. I really liked the extra cushioning in the forefoot, where this shoe was as good if not better than most shoes I have run in recently, but I have only done 50 miles in the shoe, so not sure how well it will hold up over time.


A new ‘AeroHug’ midfoot integrated lacing system is the upper highlight. Constructed from a monomesh material (very thin and breathable) with no sew overlays welded directly to it, creating a non-stretch frame that hugs the foot without any bulk. Once tied, the shoe is locked down, and the overlay free engineered mesh forefoot is incredibly comfortable without any restrictions allowing my toes to move around freely. The tongue is constructed with an internal bootie and the heel is lined with a smooth nylon mesh that wraps over the collar so the internals are silky smooth. One crazy part of the shoe though, is the footbed – it is so heavy its crazy (over 55g) and you can shave off almost 20% of the weight of the whole shoe by putting in a standard EVA footbed.



Carbon Rubber (Mizuno call it X10) heel is durable, and designed in combination with the midsole, as its highly decoupled (big grooves in the crash pad) so that the lateral edge of the shoe collapses on heel strike, enhancing the cushioning, and the Smoothride rubber in the forefoot, is quiet and grippy even on wet surfaces. I just wish there were slightly deeper lugs in the forefoot, but overall it works just fine. As with all Mizuno shoes there is a big cored out area in the heel, so the shoe will flex nicely on impact, but it does fill with mud if you go off road.


A really snappy, responsive top end cushion shoe that is a great alternative to the pillowy soft cushion shoes that are so popular right now. Saucony ISO Triumph and Adidas UltraBoost are a lot softer if we are comparing, but you lose a lot of the rebound that Mizuno offers. I felt that the Wave Sky 2 has decent stability and is a really safe bet for anyone wanting a good all round shoe for most kinds of training. The most similar feeling shoe I have run in recently is the Brooks Ghost 10, but I think I will get longer cushioning life out the Mizuno shoe – if I have to go head to head in comparison. Also, if you are a heaver runner (90kg+) then the firmer ride, and the wave durability may be an excellent alternative to the more unstable softer shoes around right now.


Technical info

Mizuno Wave Technology:
The shape of the Wave plate divides the forces when the foot falls down for a softer, more subdued feeling at every step. 

Thanks to a unique composition of materials, a U4iC midsole offers the runner an amazing sense of comfort and performance.

An upper that moves with the foot. This way you can get the maximum out of every step. 

Ensures smooth, rock-like handling at every step. From heel to toe. 


Offers durability and grip. X-10 is the most durable carbon rubber from Mizuno that is used in places where most wear is expected. It also provides more grip at the heel. 

Engineered Air Mesh:
Breathable and cool. Air Mesh provides high-quality breathability in every running shoe to keep the foot cool and extend the life of the shoe. 

Pebax Rnew:
Wave plate built from sustainable composition of vegetable oil and low-carbon production, while maintaining high performance characteristics. 

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Shoe details

Gender Mens
Year 2018
Season Spring/Summer
Current model
Release date March 2018
MSRP $150.00
Heal Drop 10mm
Weight 11.2oz/326g


Shoe Type
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