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Womens Mizuno Wave Rider 22

Womens Mizuno Wave Rider 22
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A top quality lightweight high mileage shoe, packed with technology, and incredibly versatile. This go-to Mizuno shoe just got that little bit better.

Womens Mizuno Wave Rider 22

A top quality lightweight high mileage shoe, packed with technology, and incredibly versatile. This go-to Mizuno shoe just got that little bit better.
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Our verdict

The Wave Rider franchise is the most popular from Mizuno and it is a common sight on fellow runners’ feet… For good reason. All of the great Mizuno technologies come together in a well-rounded shoe to deliver a not too heavy, not too chunky product that comes alive when you push your pace. If you are already a Wave Rider fan, this new upper on the Rider 22 is a great move on, without compromising in any way the fit and feel you love, and if you are new to this shoe, I cannot recommend it highly enough! A shoe for everyday running, a tempo workout shoe, and a superb marathon racing shoe all in one product! Great value in my opinion!

  • Positive
  • Fast feeling thanks to a great last shape
  • Very versatile. Ideal for longs runs or tempo runs
  • Silky smooth new engineered mesh upper
  • Negative
  • Maybe too firm for your longest runs

First impressions

I have run in the previous 3 versions of this shoe, and each time I have continued to run in it, after the wear test is over – mainly because I simply liked the simplicity of them, and when I have days where I feel tired, or lethargic – the Wave Rider always perks me up and gets me on my toes. It is the ability of this shoe to eat up the long miles yet feel like a race shoe what combine to make it one of the best running shoes available on the market. The balance of the shoe is great, and the last shape is a joy to wear, which is great but it makes it a tough sell for any other neutral Mizuno shoes – although I did really enjoy the lux cushioning of the Mizuno Wave Sky 2 recently!


Traditional Mizuno Wave Rider thru and thru. Slightly swung last, so it has a very fast heel to toe transition. A lower profile look and feel, but the U4ic and U4icX EMA compounds are excellent quality and offer great cushioning – all topped off with the Wave Rider Plate in the midsole that is CloundWave Technology so lighter and more responsive than previous Wave plates. I like the Wave technology as it is visible and understandable – The pebax material is hightly flexible so when you compress it, it springs back to its original shape, giving that legendary Mizuno feel, of a firm but highly responsive ride. I do think the Wave plate helps prolong the life of the midsole too, as they do tend to feel dead after much longer than many of my shoes.




The Rider 22 has had its upper stripped right back to the bare minimum, and its benefitted greatly from it. The model has always been comfortable out of the box, but this new shoe is a one-piece engineered mesh upper with zonal breathability knitted in, and an external toe box stitched on to hold the last shape. It is slipper like on the foot, and almost like a second skin, which does reduce the support slightly but I didn’t notice the lack of overlays at all. The tongue has great padding and the collar is soft and low enough to feel unrestrictive. It is a clean, modern looking update, which Mizuno and not know for – I liked the looks a lot.


It is the standard durable, hard wearing Mizuno outsole, that is purely for road running. Lots of surface contact, very little lug design that works great on the road, but is terrible off road. The Rider 22 has a new lug pattern but no perceivable difference from any previously version.


There are more technical Mizuno shoes – Mizuno Wave Sky 2, and cheaper Mizuno shoes – Mizuno Wave Ultima 9 but neither of these shoes combine the last shape and toe spring of the Wave Rider 22, that make it the best Mizuno shoe in the line. In fact it is really quite difficult to think of an alternative training shoe available on the market with a faster and smoother heel to toe transition at any pace.

Technical info

Mizuno Wave Technology:
The shape of the Wave plate divides the forces when the foot falls down for a softer, more subdued feeling at every step. 
Thanks to a unique composition of materials, a U4iC midsole offers the runner an amazing sense of comfort and performance.
Dynamotion Fit:
An upper that moves with the foot. This way you can get the maximum out of every step. 
Ensures smooth, rock-like handling at every step. From heel to toe. 

Offers durability and grip. X-10 is the most durable carbon rubber from Mizuno that is used in places where most wear is expected. It also provides more grip at the heel. 
Engineered Air Mesh:
Breathable and cool. Air Mesh provides high-quality breathability in every running shoe to keep the foot cool and extend the life of the shoe. 

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Shoe details

Gender Womens
Year 2018
Season Spring/Summer
Current model
Release date March 2018
MSRP $130.00
Heal Drop 12mm


Shoe Type
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