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Mens Mizuno Skyrise 2

Mens Mizuno Skyrise 2
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Mizuno's long distance cruiser is often overshadowed by the Wave Rider, but the Skyrise 2 is no shrinking violet. It is very comfortable and will soak up many miles.

Mens Mizuno Skyrise 2

Mizuno's long distance cruiser is often overshadowed by the Wave Rider, but the Skyrise 2 is no shrinking violet. It is very comfortable and will soak up many miles.

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Our verdict

A lovely, plush long distance shoe offering a soft yet springy ride.

  • Positive
  • Value
  • Ride
  • Very comfortable upper
  • Negative
  • Often forgotten or not considered

First impressions

Perhaps a little overshadowed or indeed overlooked because of the brand’s more familiar neutral cushioned model, the Wave Rider, this shoe offers a soft, premium cushioned feel in perhaps a more relaxed feel. Whereas the Rider feels a little quicker and livelier, the Wave Skyrise feels like a long-distance cruiser, happy to float along for mile after mile.


The brand’s ENERZY foam is encapsulated within the Wave cushioning midsole and adds a soft yet responsive feel to the overall ride.


The new knitted upper adds to this feeling, being incredibly comfortable and very accommodating, even for those with a slightly broader or higher volume foot shape.


Whist being a road running shoe we also found the design of the sole to be perfectly adequate on varied terrain and it coped well on some dirt tracks and gravel paths we tried it on.


Overall, it’s a very accomplished shoe with a soft, smooth ride that feels much more like a shoe at a higher price point.

Technical info

  • Dynomotion Fit - Upper of the shoe moves with the feet for a personalised feel. 
  • AIRmesh - Air can flow in and out for ventilation. 
  • Moisture Wicking - Sweat from moisture is wicked away efficiently. 
  • Synthetic Overlays - Provide strength to the construction of the shoe for protection. 
  • Traditional Lacing - A comfortable and secure fit is guaranteed. 
  • Padded Tongue and Ankle Collar - Improves comfort and reduces risk of irritation from rubbing and chafing. 
  • XPOP PU Foam - Innovative foam that provides exceptional cushioning. 
  • Mizuno Enerzy Technology - Provides an extremely soft and bouncy feeling whilst retaining more energy. 
  • Smooth Transitions - The foam guarantees smooth transitions. 
  • Wave Foam - Exceptional response and rebound guaranteed. 
  • Intercool - Mizuno intercool system keeps the feet ventilated. 
  • SmoothRide - Assists with acceleration and decelleration for a smoother ride. 
  • X-10 Carbon Rubber - Extremely durable grip with longer wear in high impact areas
Rating of 10_0
A review by Conor
August 15, 2022
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Great Shoes

Excellent shoes for long runs and general mileage, very cushioned but not unstable, durable sole I have 500km on the road completed with my first pair and there is no excessive wear on the soles, not the lightest or fastest shoe you could buy but not completely dead either, main thing is very comfortable and cushioned mile after mile, plenty of room in the toe box and a nice light upper so your feet aren't cooked running on warm days, have bought another 2 pairs to use after I'm finished with these ones
Rating of 6_0
A review by Adriano
February 6, 2022
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Hard as rock !!!

First this is not a long distance shoe and it is everything but soft. Everyone who claim that this shoe is soft is a heel runner ! Heels are soft but not a forefoot. They feel very firm from the first meter. I used 50€ shoes that are not even made for distance running and they are fine until 6-7 km. They cannot be soft because when you press midsole it is very hard and feels that way when you are running. I runned 9 km in them and it looked like i don't have shoe because how firm they feel. Mizuno is dead for me.

Usage: walking, jogging (up to 2 km)

- Premium look and feel
- excellent laces
- excelent grip
- breathable
- seems very durable !?

- not a long distance shoe
- too firm for any kind of running
- heavy
- they feel little loose with thin running socks if not tightened really hard

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Shoe details

Gender Mens
Year 2021
Season Spring/Summer
Current model
Release date 2021
MSRP $0.00
Weight 10.5oz / 300g


Shoe Type
Light Trail
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