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Womens Inov-8 Race Ultra 290

Womens Inov-8 Race Ultra 290
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The Race Ultra 290 is a lightweight shoe that feels comfortable for everyday off-road action, while offering bits of what Inov8 excel so much in ... grip, performance and element protection.

Womens Inov-8 Race Ultra 290

The Race Ultra 290 is a lightweight shoe that feels comfortable for everyday off-road action, while offering bits of what Inov8 excel so much in ... grip, performance and element protection.
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Our verdict

Awesome lightweight long-distance racer trainer. A great shoe for the off-road adventurer. Enough cushioning but if you want super-comfort, you might need to look for a less edgy shoe.

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  • Lightweight
  • Protection
  • Grip
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First impressions

It sounds a bit of contradiction given Inov8 is all about specific shoes for specific disciplines but this is a model covers all bases. Working off an 8mm heel to toe drop means this lightweight shoes feels comfortable for everyday off-road action, while offering bits of what Inov8 excel so much in ... grip, performance and element protection. This comes in the form of a Tri-C endurance outsole that has softer, sticky rubber on the edges for good traction, while the high abrasion rubber at the heel improves durability. A neat extra is the clip-on gaiter, which fits on smoothly for quick and easy water protection.


The Race Ultra 290 features an X-STATIC footbed, which eliminates the bacteria that feed on sweat, thereby reducing odour as well as stopping debris from entering the shoe. The Race Ultra 290 features a heel to toe drop of 8mm, which is lower than that of traditional running shoes. The multi-finger polymer Meta Shank aligns with individual metatarsal heads to accommodate natural foot movements and enhance underfoot impact protection.


A mesh lining allows air to permeate the shoe and the feet to stay dry and comfortable. The fit of the Race Ultra 290 is generous, resulting in increased comfort even when your foot has swollen during long-distance races; the shoe's upper has been carefully designed to minimise friction and enhance efficiency. Despite the enhanced cushioning and other features of the Race Ultra 290, the shoe still manages to remain incredibly light, with a men's UK size 8 weighing in at just 290 grams, making the Race Ultra 290 the perfect shoe for the long-distance runner seeking protection, comfort and agility in equal measure.


The Inov-8 Race Ultra 290 Trail Running Shoe utilises a flatter outsole which encourages a more stable ride, even when fatigue begins to set in and form begins to suffer. 2-Arrow Shoc Zone technology delivers superior cushioning and therefore comfort, even over longer distances. The Tri-C endurance outsole uses three different rubber compounds that deliver an equal blend of traction and durability and cushioning, meaning you can cope with the repetitive impact of ultra-running.


The ultimate shoe for running limitless miles over mixed terrain, the award-winning RACE ULTRA™ series brings comfort, protection, grip and debris free running. Increased levels of protection and under foot cushioning make the 290 perfect for long distance training and racing. With outstanding comfort, durability and grip, this shoe delivers an ultra comfortable ride through its injected midsole and seamless toe bumper.

Technical info

Flat Outsole - Delivers a stable ride even when fatigue has set in during a long-distance race.

2-Arrow Shoc Zone - Offers superior cushioning and comfort.

X-STATIC Footbed - Eliminates bacteria and odour whilst preventing debris from entering the shoe.

Mesh Upper - Promotes good airflow throughout, keeping your feet cool and dry.

Tri-C Endurance Outsole - A tripartite of rubber compounds delivers superb traction on a number of surfaces.

Meta Shank - Aligns each metatarsal head for a natural foot position and superb underfoot impact protection.

Generous Fit - Provides excellent comfort and more importantly, preserves it as the foot swells and contracts during the rigours of distance running.

Anti-Friction Upper - Delivers superb comfort and reduced irritation.

Standard Fit - Standard fit offers a close fitting heel and wider toe box allowing the toes to splay when running.

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Shoe details

Gender Womens
Year 2017
Season Spring
Current model
Release date 2017
MSRP $0.00
Weight 290g / 10.2oz.
Heal Drop 8mm


Off Road Use
Shoe Type
Severe Trail
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