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Womens Hoka Arahi 2

Womens Hoka Arahi 2
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A very lightweight supportive high mileage trainer

Womens Hoka Arahi 2

A very lightweight supportive high mileage trainer
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Our verdict

Hoka One One are big, very big, but don’t let that fool you if you have never worn a pair. I have not tried the original Arahi, so I cannot compare, but these are very light for a support shoe and deliver all the plush, smooth riding performance I have come to expect from other Hoka’s I have worn. If you overpronate but dream of a comfortable shoe that those Neutral runners get in abundance, the Arahi 2 is a great option to consider.

  • Positive
  • Very lightweight for a support shoe
  • Responsive rocker construction
  • Great cushioning and wide platform
  • Negative

First impressions

The Arahi 2 looks are wild, and for some, including me, its too much. I would really be put off if I was going to part with my own money for this shoe, as I just do not like the appearance. But when you cut through the vanity, and in my case get them as muddy as possible, as soon as possible, the performance was brilliant. I was also running in the Brooks Adrenaline in tandem with these shoes and I can honestly say, after a very short time the Brooks didn’t get a look… Sorry Adrenaline!

Great cushioning, a really smooth transition due to the nice rocker platform Hoka use on most shoes and more than enough stability for most runners, the balance of weight / cushioning / support was a real pleasant surprise.


It is a Hoka One One – so oversized, firm yet responsive and smooth. Hoka have a real niche in the market and own it very well indeed. Like the upper, the designer needs to take a break on the details but overall I really liked the performance.

The ‘Dynamic Stability’ or simply put multi density midsole performed better that I could have expected, and easily looked after my over pronation, while at the same time is really smooth from heel to toe, which I often think is something I have to compromise as a support shoe wearer. Hoka call it a J-Frame due to its shape, and its excellent at controlling my over pronation

You are going to get a stiff shoe without much forefoot flex with most Hoka products due to the dimensions of the midsole and you need to rely on the rocker shape to take you from heel to toe, which is an odd sensation if you are not used to it, but it is easy to adapt quickly and before long, if you are like me, you will really enjoy to smooth transition. The 5mm stack height, is perfect for high miles, and suits almost any running style due to its excellent rocker design.


Awful looking – seriously busy and bright with faded mesh and expended print overlays. Maybe the Hoka design studio needs some new light bulbs! The performance of the upper cannot be questioned, as its clean without too many seams, smooth, breathable and fits pretty well. I did find the toe area wrinkled slightly as there was too much material once I tied the shoes, but my feet are pretty narrow, but it caused no issues with performance. Collar height, and tongue length were both ok, and no real issues to report, except the crime against over designing...


I tend to wear out the outsole on Hoka’s pretty quick as the heel inserts are often pretty thin rubber and this shoe is no exception. The carrier EVA in contact with the ground is pretty hard wearing as it’s a blend of EVA and rubber no doubt, but it does get damaged quickly, so as with most exposed EVA outsoles, the shoes look worse that they are. There is surprisingly little rubber on the outsoles of these shoes for high mileage support shoes but its not any different from all the other Hoka’s who follow the same design – in return you get a light shoe, but if your happy to compromise its ok and so far they're holding up well… It’s a pure road shoe though, with little grip for any off road running, but I have gone on dry light trails without much issue.


The Hoka One One is a light – very light – stability shoe that will deliver smooth cushioning mile after mile. The extra high, extra wide midsoles on Hoka take a little getting used to, but to be honest once you’re out and running it’s impossible to tell there is a huge block of cushioning under your foot. They feel quick, give a really nice responsive rebound for a support shoe, and unusually for a support shoe, like to go pretty quick.

If you are in need of a support shoe, and want to try something totally different – the Hoka Arahi 2 is a really good option.

Technical info

Reflective heel provides additional visibility in low light

Improved overlay placement provides improved breathability in the mid- and forefoot

3D puff print frame for additional lightweight, detailed support

3D Puff Print Frame for Lightweight, Detailed Support

Padded Tongue for additional comfort

Early Stage Meta-Rocker

Firmer EVA J-Frame™ for Lightweight Support

Flat-Waisted Geometry provides Inherent Stability

Zonal Rubber Placement for Durability

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Shoe details

Gender Womens
Year 2018
Season Spring/Summer
Current model
Release date 2018
MSRP $110.00
Heal Drop 5mm
Weight 8.1oz. / 217g


Shoe Type
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