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Mens Brooks Transcend 5

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Brooks innovative support shoe just got new guide rails for a support update without loosing the plush cushioning of previous version

Mens Brooks Transcend 5

Brooks innovative support shoe just got new guide rails for a support update without loosing the plush cushioning of previous version
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Our verdict

A beautifully crafted running shoe that delivers unique support in a plush high mileage training shoe. The way the shoe is built gives the Transcend 5 a wide range of appeal from runners needing light support through to heavier over pronators without ever feeling bulky and cumbersome. If you need liberating from the shackles of solid support shoes the Transcend 5 is well worth a look....

  • Positive
  • Support delivered in a well cushioned shoe
  • Relatively light and fast feeling compared to competitors
  • Guide rails deliver support in a unique and innovative way
  • Negative
  • The narrow heel will not suit all runners
  • Caterpillar tread design is prone to wearing quickly

First impressions

I really liked the look of these shoes when I opened the box, and the shiney pieces made it look more like a sports car than a running shoe. I have run in the Transcend 4 before so I was pretty sure what to expect from the version 5, and I can say that I am very impressed with the updates to the shoe which have delivered everything that was needed to improve a good shoe. 

The reason I like the Transcend franchise is the fast, light, responsive way that Brooks can deliver a support shoe that makes me feel like I am running in something efficient rather than a shoe that is build predominantly to secure me foot and hold off my over pronation. The Transcend 5 has much better support than the previous versions with is ideal for me, but the shoes have not really lost any of the snap and quickness than I so enjoy. I also run in the Adrenaline GTS 18, which I also like but its way more constructed than the Transcend. 


The midsole has always been the innovative and somewhat perculiar part of the transcend and this version is no different. A very narrow heel is designed to enhance the foot gait to move from heel to midfoot more efficietly and reduce the 'snap' that a wider heel can cause. Faster transition = less pronation so the theory is good and to be honest I really like the way the shoe lands, its very smooth indeed. The midfoot is flared to offer that flat foot support during the gait cycle and the forefoot is lovely and broad to accomodate most foot shapes. 

The guide rails that run around the lateral edges of the midsole are designed to work in tandem with the whole lower leg including your knees, and I really dont want to say that is the case, but the rails do offer excellent support and allow the core of the shoe to deliver incredible cushioning. The new guide rails really felt more supportive than previous versions, so its a huge thumbs up for the update there!


A very breathable engineered forefoot mesh gives nice breathability, then the upper transitions into a solid 3D Fit Printed midfoot cage that is welded for a reduced seam construction and have a high level of lock down when you lace up the shoes. The upper is a solid but not unrestrictive feel that is an improvement on the previous model which took quite a bit of breaking in. The Transcend 5 continues to use an external heel counter that integrates into the midsole support system to give a solid heel lock lined with the excellent internal foam and mesh package found on all Brooks shoes. 


The poor person who has to stock fit and glue this outsole in the factory must have nightmares very morning on the way to work, as there are more pieces and cut outs than any other shoe that I know. Brooks call it IDEAL pressure zones, but I will call it excessive cut outs! What is does deliver is a nicely flexible shoe in the forefoot, and a midsole outsole combination that de-couples nicely on heel impact. The traction is great, but I did get a little delamination of the outsole on the heel (it peeled away slightly), which i think was caused by me scuffing my feet when really tired on a long run.


This is a support shoe delivered in a really unique and eye catching way. It is pretty expensive, but if your willing to invest you will definately enjoy a rather unusual support shoe that delivers plenty guidance for the foot, but over delivers on cushioning and responsiveness compared to many of the alternative shoes on the market. 

Technical info

Updated guide rails provide dynamic support by guiding your feet, reducing heel and shin rotation, and controlling excess knee movements. 

Effortless ride: acting as a stable platform, ideal pressure zones disperse evenly away from your body, minimizing the load on joints to give you a smoother, swollen transition.

Reinforced stability: Strong and yet lightweight, the external heel against cradling your heel, reducing excess heel rotation. 

Soft cushioning: Super Dna midsole cushioning Dynamic adapts to your fit and gives you a super soft feel under the feet. 

Full body posture: a rounded heel ensures better alignment, minimizing stress on joints. 

Seamless fit: the 3D Fit Print saddle applies to strategic stretch and ...... 

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Shoe details

Gender Mens
Year 2018
Season Spring/Summer
Current model
Release date JAN 2018
MSRP $0.00
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