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Womens Brooks Levitate

Womens Brooks Levitate
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Brooks top-end energy return shoe for the neutral runner

Womens Brooks Levitate

Brooks top-end energy return shoe for the neutral runner
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Our verdict

The Brooks Levitate marketing promises ‘endless energy’ to the runner via a revolutionary midsole material but its fails to live up to the expectation. The Brooks Levitate carries is a new technology, and the first Brooks shoe to use a DNA AMP system. The marketing promises ‘endless energy’ to the runner via a revolutionary midsole material, but you shouldn’t always believe the hype.

  • Positive
  • Super comfortable upper
  • Hard wearing
  • Negative
  • Too heavy
  • Harder ride than expected

First impressions

“Nine rounds of development. Seven rounds of wear tests. Thousands of runner trials. Every feature is designed to give the most energy return of leading performance running shoes.” – Brooks Running

Well they didn’t give us a pair to wear test, which is a shame, because they failed to deliver on those bold promises, especially compared to some other competitor brands.

Brooks Levitate is the Best In Class shoe from Brooks featuring DNA AMP technology in the midsole to provide higher energy return and infinite energy. They must have been excited at Brooks as they made the midsole silver, and claim to provide the highest energy return in leading performance running shoes!

I did runs ranging from 5km to over 30km in these shoes to give them a fair chance, and I must point out l really like my shoes on the firm side, so these were great to run in… But no way do they deliver on the promises they make, and if you are looking for that energy return and infinite energy you are going to be massively disappointed.


The Brooks Levitate is built around the new DNA AMP midsole material. It’s a brand new technology for Brooks, but in reality it’s a variation of similar materials used by brands such as Adidas (BOOST) and Saucony (EverRUN).

Supplied by the company BASF, DNA AMP foam is encased in a traditional foam, to deliver a cushioned yet supportive ride. BOOST is far softer and springy than the DNA AMP which is a firm ride yet responsive. The cushioning on the Brooks Levitate seems to be pretty durable so far thought, with no compression experienced so far, after more than 70 km in the shoes.


Brooks shoes are usually plush, and pretty comfortable with padded collars and the Levitate is no different. Honestly, the all-knitted upper and a thick foam tongue are superb. I cannot fault the Brooks Levitate, as its snug, with no hot spots and a slipper from the first run.


The Brooks Levitate outsole is excellent. The rubber is thick and the compound hardness is just right. There are flex grooves galore to allow an ok, not great transition through a foot-strike, and the traction is fine for some light off road adventure when your mixing up your runs.

I have worn through Brooks shoes very quickly in the past, with the podded design on the crash pad area, but this new Levitate is a durable workhorse for sure, and I would have no hesitation to suggest this shoe will last a very long time compared to most I have in my cupboard right now.


Brooks we very bold in their marketing suggesting endless energy with the Levitate and while it is far from where the marketing suggests, it’s still a really great running shoe. Just don’t believe the hype and you will be happy. Or stick to a tried and tested Brooks Ghost.

The upper is a big plus for Brooks and should be their benchmark going forward, but the weight and cumbersome feel make this shoe a looser compared to other superb shoes from a superb brand. A great cushioned shoe from Brooks – Levitate may be, but go for the Ghost, if light and responsive is your requirement, go for the Launch

The shoe did break in after a few miles, but it never felt like a shoe I would chose to wear. It was too heavy for the faster stuff, too stiff to be an everyday shoe, but it did give a comfortable ride, but not as good as Brooks want you to think.

If you want a great all-round shoe, with the best upper in the Brooks range, and a tonne of durability, then take a good look at the Levitate.

Technical info


DNA AMP cushioning system provides Brooks' highest amount of energy return, using a polyurethane midsole encased in a TPU skin that resists the expansion of the foam outwards, allowing the energy to be directed back upwards for an extremely energized ride.


Midfoot Transition Zone uses an arrow-point rubber outsole design to help direct pressure towards the forefoot, providing flexibility while encouraging quick transitions from heel to toe.


FitKnit upper uses 3D circular knit to provide a plush fit designed to flex and hold the foot strategically as it moves.

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Shoe details

Gender Womens
Year 2018
Season Spring
Current model
Release date 2018
MSRP $159.95
Weight 9.7oz / 275g
Heal Drop 8mm


Shoe Type
Light Trail
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