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Mens Brooks Launch 3

Mens Brooks Launch 3
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Lightweight and responsive highly cushioned trainer offers performance and versatility.

Mens Brooks Launch 3

Lightweight and responsive highly cushioned trainer offers performance and versatility.
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Our verdict

A super-versatile shoe that you will love moving along in. Great for general running, great for faster tempo runs or longer-distance road races.

  • Positive
  • Responsive
  • Cushioning and Comfort
  • Looks
  • Negative
  • Questionable durability

First impressions

The Launch 3 is a lightweight and neutral running shoe designed for everyday use. Designed to be responsive as well as highly cushioned, this range has previously enjoyed a strong following due to their performance and versatility.

Some shoes just look right. The Launch 3 look great; they really look like they’ll do the job they’ve been designed to do, provide great cushioning and well, be fast!

Lightweight and well cushioned should provide the best of both worlds. We test the Launch 3 to see if it stacks up.


Brooks have incorporated their BIOMoGo DNA midsole cushioning in the midsole of the Launch 3. Stating that they ‘dynamically adapts to every step and stride’ is a big statement but they did feel extremely well cushioned and responsive. 

For those who care (and we all should!) the BIOMoGo rubber is designed to breakdown in ecological terms over a 20-year period. They are biodegradable whereas a standard might take centuries to breakdown. 

Designed to feel cushioned, the Lunch 3 has also been designed to offer a degree of energy return. They were not soft though, they felt just right in terms of how you’d want a lightweight long distance shoe to feel. They are perhaps ‘firmly cushioned’ without ever feeling spongy. 

There is a 10mm stack drop on this shoe so they feel more like a trainer than a lightweight racer - you just feel protected – but with the shoe weighing only 7.9oz, they certainly felt light on the feet which deep in to a long run or race, you will appreciate!

The shoe offers a segmented heel crash pad and Brook’s shaped midfoot transition zone which is designed to improve heel to toe transition and they certainly felt flexible.


As stated, we like the look of this shoe. The uppers offer a 3D Fit Print breathable upper The Air Mesh forefoot design enjoys welded synthetic overlays to support the foot. Every effort has been made to reduce the weight, even the logo has been printed on the shoe and there is a slightly metallic looking toe box reinforcement which looks great.

The upper is ultra-light weight and the mesh really does keep your feet cool and dry. It’s stretchy and has a seamless construction ensuring a great feel and fit as well as reducing the risk of rubbing and blistering.

The shoes felt great for me but I have long and skinny feet. I would say that this shoe is cut on the narrow side and some will definitely find it too narrow with not enough room in the forefoot. I found them perfect for me though.


Brooks' HPR Plus technology is designed to offer traction and durability. The blown rubber forefoot has been redesigned to offer a springy toe-off. The grip was fine on road, wet road and trails.

The midsole is fairly narrow, presumably to reduce weight, but they didn’t feel unstable. The flex grooves in the forefoot did their job aiding the shoes’ flexibility.


In an ideal world, we’d all like a pair of lightweight trainers in our collection. A shoe that you can wear for faster pace workouts and races, offers us a great degree of versatility, but marrying these elements with a long distance trainer often doesn’t work. Something tends to give, be it cushioning, design or comfort.

The Launch 3 marries all elements extremely well. You will certainly enjoy running long in these shoes and when you want to crank the pace up, you’ll be able to. They felt flexible, responsive and make you feel fast! They’re great for fatlek sessions, pace runs and endurance sessions, and your legs will certainly benefit from their comfort and cushioning the next day.

We think these are a great shoe and at the price, we feel that they offer exceptional value for money.

Technical info

BIOMOGO DNA MIDSOLE CUSHIONING - dynamically adapts to every step and stride 2
BLOWN RUBBER - enhances forefoot for extra-springy toe-off 3
MIDFOOT TRANSITION ZONE WITH SEGMENTED CRASH PAD - creates fast heel-to-toe transitions 4
3D FIT PRINT - applies strategic strech and structure for an impeccable fit 5
AIR MESH FABRIC - ensures maximum ventilation and manages moisture to keep feet cool and dry

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Shoe details

Gender Mens
Year 2016
Season Autumn
Current model
Release date 2016
Weight 9.8oz. / 278g
Heal Drop 10mm


Shoe Type
Light Trail
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