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Mens Brooks Glycerin 17

Mens Brooks Glycerin 17
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The Brooks Glycerin 17 is the brand's most cushioned neutral trainer delivering one of the most plush rides available on the market today. 

Mens Brooks Glycerin 17

The Brooks Glycerin 17 is the brand's most cushioned neutral trainer delivering one of the most plush rides available on the market today. 

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Our verdict

The Brooks Glycerin 17 is the brand's max cushion trainer that fits well and offers more than enough cushioning for any runner. Perfect for daily mileage and long runs but will be too bulky for some really fast stuff.

  • Positive
  • Crazy amount of cushioning with compromising instability
  • Lovely breathable upper
  • Excellent outsole of multiple surfaces and excellent durability
  • Negative
  • Great heel padding - but the foam is hot on summers day
  • Shoe gets really heavy when very wet. Again the foam is a sponge here.

First impressions

Max cushion trainers are a mainstream of the running industry with all brands trying to compete for this lux market. Brooks are holding firm on the design and tech with some some minor tweaks but no real huge advances for the Glycerine 17 which will please fans of the previous models. If it aint broke dont fix it! The feedback on the Glyceine 16 was superb so great they didnt mess around too much here with is refreshing in todays crazy market, and shows confidence from Brooks in thier products. 

The Glycerine 17 is directly competing against the likes of ASICS NIMBUS, Saucony Triumph and Nike Vomero as the main max cush shoes (with a more traditional look and build) and is a pack leader in our opinion. 



The glycerine 17 uses the newest DNA Loft foam with has slightly more air blown into it and combined with a small amount of rubber to give it some stucture and reduce the compression with each foot strike. 

The foam is a real winning formula for Brooks, as the shoes deliver a soft and light ride but there is still a huge amount of responsiveness in the shoes. Many max cushion shoes are pillowy and feel slow, but the Brooks model deliver some real snap to your run. 

The midsole and outsole grooves combine will to offer a smooth and flexible ride but there is too much cushioning underfoot with a 10mm stack height to really feel comfortable running at a fast pace. This is an excellent marathon racing shoes for anyone above 3hr, but it isnt suitable for speed workouts in reality. 


The Glycerine has a great heel support and the heel counter cradles the foot well, with a huge amount of foam around the ankle - which creates one of the very few issues in this shoe. It is like having a sponge in you heel when you are running in very wet conditions and the shoes were pretty heavy when I finished one of my runs - I just wish I had weighed them, as it would have been interesting to know how much actually was added. I'll say it makes for great training but you would be well advised to miss wearing these shoes on a very wet race day! Don't get me wrong thought, the plush collar is amazing and I would never suggest it be changed. 

There is a duel layer mesh upper, with the lining next to the foot being very smooth and silky and a jaquard engineered mesh on the top with minimal overalys to cause any irritation - clean looking and feels great. 

There is a 3D screen printed overly which is added without heat, so it will not compromose the suppleness of the mesh like some TPU overlays, so there support that is added is structured but unobtrusive. 

There was no rubbing - no hot spots at all, so overall the upper is excellent and lasted very well indeed over the 100 miles or so I ran in them. 


The outsole is very much in line with other Brooks shoes such as the Adrenaline and the Ghost, with a combination of durable HPR plus rubber in the heel and a blown rubber forefoot. Lug shape is amazing and incredible versatile compared to many other brands efforts. 

Great in wet, and on slightly muddy trails, Brooks shoes are a go anywhere type of outsole with is great considering we rarely stick to one surface on a run throught the summer!




What is there not to like? The Glycerine offers more than enough cushioning without compromising any elements, and with a hefty price tag it is important that you get a great all round shoe for most of your training. Brooks delivers incredible versatility and justifies the price compared to the Brooks Ghost but offering just that little bit more lux and padding. 

If you are a Glycerine and or a Brooks fan in general - this is a tremendous shoe. 

Technical info


  • DNA Loft foam delivers plush and luxurious cushioning while maintaining responsiveness and durability.


  • HPR Plus is a high abrasion-resistant rubber located in the heel for durable traction.
  • Blown Rubber in the forefoot offers durability, responsiveness, and flexibility.


  • Double Jacquard Mesh is a breathable mesh upper that delivers adaptable flexibility along with added support.
  • 3D Stretch Fit Print Technology offers strategic overlays to provide a seamless and secure fit.
  • Internal Stretch Bootie  provides a seamless sock-like wrap that helps create an ideal fit.
  • Comfort Collar adds plush, padded cushioning around the ankle.


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Shoe details

Gender Mens
Year 2019
Season Spring/Summer
Current model
Release date 2020
MSRP $150.00
Heal Drop 10mm
Weight 10.6oz / 300g


Shoe Type
Light Trail
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