This shoe takes on where the Adrenaline GTS 7 left off. No radical changes so if you liked the last model you should still find it fits well, has good cushioning, nice support and has a good overall feel.

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A review by gallus
June 9, 8469
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Hi, this is an update to my last review posted on the Mizuno Wave Creation 9 page. After the pain in my soles disapated (two days later) I was left with another pain in my left foot round about the fifth metatarsal (outer foot bone). I listened to the advice of everyone about the injury, "it's the peronial ligament!", "it's a stress fracture in the fifth metatarsal!" Funnily enough none of the advice cheered me up, especially nine weeks from my first marathon!
So, where does the shoes come in? I contemplated the decision to run a half marathon in them first time on, I thought about the fact that I had run a half marathon the week before, and whether that had contributed to the injury. I could see there were many more factors to consider regarding the injury, one of them being that my foot maybe had to much room to move in the shoe. What I thought was a plus point for the shoe was now eating away at me as a potential negative. So too was the "infinity wave" sole. It's true that the ride is firm but my weight coupled with that fact was also a potential negative. Maybe there was too much shock going through my feet and legs?
With this on my mind constantly, and knowing the running shop would take back the shoes within thirty days for an exchange, I chose to follow the advice of one of my colleagues and return the Mizunos for a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 8 shoes.
I'm sure the Mizunos are a good shoe, there is ample comfort but to my novice mind the rear of the shoe wants to be a cushion trainer where the front wants to be a speed/racing shoe. Another niggle is that the tongue is secured within with elastic which when worn, pulls the tongue to the outside edge of the shoe.
I've ran in the better cushioned, more supportive Brooks a few times now and when the results of my x-ray comes through confirming there is no stress fractures in my left foot, I'm sure I will confidently say that I won't look back. Try Brooks, in the words of my colleague "They are under-rated but over-sold" and he's an in-training Ultra-marathoner!!!!!
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A review by weeairshole
June 9, 4164
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Ignore the above rating its a 10

I'm bigairsholes little brother and she asked me to tell you that she forgot to put the rating in above. ITS a 10
OK A 10 not a 1 like bigairshole said....what a plonker
10, 10, 10, 10, 10 etc
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A review by bigairshole
June 9, 3583
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Simply the best

This shoe takes over from the GTS 7 which took over from the GTS 6 which used the fantastic S257 EVA midsole, the introduction of Brooks MoGo midsole, which is a polymer, is an incredible improvement. For those who do not understand the polymer midsole it very simply creates a soft midsole which is more responsive and will outlast any conventional EVA midsole due to he fact that polymers are not nearly as likely to bottom out meaning the shoe will go on and on way past the 500 mile mark. The control is amazing, I used to use an Asics creed followed by the Empire and the Empire 2, all specific to late phase pronation, but this little beauty has allowed me to use the full natural motion of the foot and my running is going from strength to strength. The upper suits a narrow heel and wide forefoot which is the typical european/Brit foot shape and allows the foot to do what it naturally wants to do with enough control to prevent agravating the connecting joints. I have now seen roughly 40 members of our club using this and they would all agree its probably the best shoe on the market for the mild to moderate overpronator provided the fit works for you. My god its Light!!!!
Brooks....Keep up the good work and lets not make too many changes to this fantastic product.
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