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Mens Asics Novablast 2

Mens Asics Novablast 2
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Max cushioning and highly responsive, all wrapped up in a quirky design

Mens Asics Novablast 2

Max cushioning and highly responsive, all wrapped up in a quirky design

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Our verdict

The mental midsole design is a bit of an eye-opener but once you get past the quirky looks and get out on the road, you quickly realise that this is a highly responsive product, with fantastic cushioning that I just wanted to do more and more miles in. Overall - really excellent and hard to beat.

  • Positive
  • Supersmooth heel to toe transition
  • External heel counter offers excellent support
  • FF Blast foam is highly responsive
  • Negative
  • Midsole designed for a fashion collaboration
  • Slightly heavier than version 1

First impressions

The rocker profile makes this shoe feel really snappy and efficient as most paces, and the ride is energetic and very well cushioned. This update has better forefoot cushioing that v1 and the heel feels more stable on the stacked platform thanks to the improved upper and external heel counter. 

This is really one of the best shoes I have worn in a very long time because the balance of cushioing and responsiveness is simply superb. You feel you can effortlessly push the pace at any time thanks to the smooth curved profile of the outsole, while constantly feeling like you have a very cushioned shoe underfoot. Most shoes fail to combine pace and plushness into a product but the Novablast does this with ease. 



The Novablast 2 has the rich cushioning of a max-cushioned trainer but with a more nimble preformance feel and more energy return than most.

The Flytefoam Blast in the Novablast 2 just feels better than in other asics shoes, and that is down to the midsole shape and geometry. The foot sinks into the foam, giving a very comfortable ride, but you can shift gears easily thanks to the rocker profile that throws you forward with every stride. 

The sidewalls of the midsole wrap up over the foot just enough to create a crade effect to support the foot, and make this a fairly stable shoe considering it is so well cushioned, and therefore there is a huge improvement in the stability over v1. 


Much improved for the V2, with a decent amount of breathability, and just enought stretch to feel comfortable but overall really supportive and snug. 


The outsole is durable and offers plenty of protection for lasting durability and the cored out centre works effortlessly in combination with the midsole to creat a really smooth and quite shoe on the road. 


Asics struck gold when they created the NovaBlast as it has been very successful for them. The concept is great because this is an excellent lightweight trainer that is unique in the asics range. The quirky design is definately aimed at a younger audience with an eyecatching midsole design that isnt all show, it really delivers a superb heel to toe trasition with a perfect blend of cushioning and responsiveness. I still get funny comments when I wear this shoe, but its hard not to gush about how good this shoe really is.

The NovaBlast 1 was a good shoe but the NovaBlast 2 is a great shoe for most runners and will definately be staying at the door in my shoe rotation for the months ahead and right up there with the Hoka Mach 4 and the NB Rebel v2. 

Technical info

  • Double Engineered Jacquard Mesh - Wraps the foot like a second skin whilst providing excellent comfort and support.
  • Breathable - Allows cool air to permeate the shoe and prevent an intolerable build up of heat.
  • Gusseted Tongue Wing Fit System - Improves the midfoot fit and reduces tongue sliding.
  • Heel Stabiliser - Helps support the foot and create a more balanced stride.
  • Lacing System - Increases support to the midfoot for a dynamic fit.
  • FlyteFoam Blast - Softer and bouncier, providing a great feel from footstrike to toe-off.
  • High Energy Return - For increased bounce and unrivalled toe-offs.
  • AHAR Rubber - Provides abrasion resistance and durability.
  • Strong Grip - Stay in full control at all times.

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Shoe details

Gender Mens
Year 2021
Season Autumn/Winter
Current model
Release date 2021
MSRP $0.00
Weight 9.7oz / 275g
Heal Drop 8mm


Shoe Type
Light Trail
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