The latest model of this award winning top end neutral shoe. The Nimbus 10 is packed full of technologies to cushion the foot

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  Elite Performance Protection
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best running shoes ever!
the Nimbus 10 really are thee best pair of running shoes iv ever had, Iv been running marathons now for over 6 years and iv always had these shoes since my very first major run.

They have a fantastic amount of cushioning and fit like a glove around the foot. I have run every type of terrain possible and the shoe has NEVER faulted me once, the best thing about the shoe is the grip it gives on any type of surface and even when your shoe is soaking wet the upper mesh still lets your foot breath and not start to rub and cause blisters.
Only now after six years and thousands of miles of running the soles have worn that much there that are holes beginning to aper! sad face. Yes they are still experience to date as six years ago they were pretty much the same price but £100 for six years worth of very hard running is really worth it and I will be going to get the same pair again soon.

All the information next to this shoe is utter rubbish, every red X change for a green tick as it does the whole lot, anybody who says otherwise has not and is not giving it the chance to prove itself. I rate this shoe 110% and will say if you do running ,walking, jogging, marathons or are even just popping to the shops for some milk get them and I promise you wont be disappointed.
also for an even better run make shore to get padded running socks to for an even comfier fit.
A review by chrisg | August 1, 2014 | See all chrisg's reviews
Asics Nimbus 10
Overheat leading to blisters even when you go up a size & wear decent socks!!! Not that comfortable either & unexpected as I was an ASICS fan!
A review by ropaled | April 16, 2009 | See all ropaled's reviews
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Gender: Mens
Year: 2009
Season: Spring/Summer
Current model:
RRP: £100.00


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