We think this is a shoe the ASICS line has been calling out for. The 2000 series (now on the 2130) has sensibly and wisely evolved with each new launch without making any bold jumps. And why would you when you have such a strong, credible shoe. But we feel that has led to a gap to where the Nimbus is compared to the supportive 2130. This 3000 nails that problem. The 3000 series looks to be a deluxe version of the 2000 series and does the job more convincingly that the Empire which previously sat in this price position. This shoe has great cushioning with a springy feel as well as good support. It is not as light as the 2130 (20g different in a UK 8) but the difference isn't anything to worry about in a training shoe. Fans of the 2120 looking for a little more should go for this one. Gender specific design in the midfoot and upper.

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A review by morgster89
March 6, 2008
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great shoes

i was unsure which asics to get and at first wasnt to sure on these and tried the 2130's. when i had one on each foot these were very light and i realised that the forefoot area felt quite wide due to the very soft and expansive material used on the toe area.
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A review by lintufty
December 6, 2534
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Did a club training session in these shoes last night of 4 miles on a hilly route.Shoes straight out of the box.
The shoes feel much bigger than a normal size 7 and are very wide in the forefoot. I had to pull the laces very tight to get a close fit and felt my arches constricted in them so on loosening them off felt like I was wearing a pair of boats!!!!
The half size below was too small!!!!
I ran in asics kayano before and hated them when they brought in solyte and these shoes have that same spongey bounce to them.
I was advised to try these as an alternative to my Mizuno nirvana 3's which when you get tited feel like you are running in bricks but i'm not overly impressed with these shoes although the broad sole certainly seemed to stop my late stage pronation. But that may be more due to the fact I was aware of these monsters on my feet.
They are not cheap so I will wear them on short sessions and will wait on the nirvana 4 with hope. Perhaps the shoe will grow on me but first running impressions are unless you have REALLY wide feet and want to feel as if you are running in a pair of bubble wrap soled shoes these are not the ones! Sorry Asics!
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