Built on the Nimbus 18 last it offers comfort and fit that will be familiar and reassure Asics fans. Asics claim to have made 300 prototypes before they launched the finished article, but is it any good?


The shoe offers a seamless mesh upper that fits really well, sock-like in fact. This combined with the dry last lining for comfort and excellent moisture wicking properties will reduce the risk of blisters.

The tight mesh upper looks good and the logo and toe box welded to the upper instead of being stitched adds to that first feel-good impression we had about the shoes. 

The padded tongue and smart lace system add to the comfort and fit and feel of the DynaFlytes.

The best part is that they feel part of your foot when running in them. Unnoticeable in a good way.


The midsole is where most of the X-factor happens. You’re going to buy this shoe for its lightweight cushioning and that means FlyteFoam™.

FlyteFoam™ is a material with extraordinary properties designed by Asics to offer some exceptional benefits. They state that they’ve made the fibres of the shoe more durable – we couldn’t find out how but here are the stats.

FlyteFoam™ is 33% lighter than a foam Asics call Solyte, a material found in other models which in turn is approximately half the weight of conventional EVA used in some standard running shoes. 

FlyteFoam™ is 8% more durable according to their test and

FlyteFoam™ offers 5% more ‘bounce back’

The midsole also incorporates the Asics a rearfoot gel pad to help reduce the shock and aid transition from heel to midfoot.

As it’s an everyday trainer, it enjoys an 8mm drop (19mm to 11mm) from heel to forefoot which is a very good thing. It is built like a workhorse despite being a thoroughbred in terms of weight and most lightweight shoes will have a lower stack drop meaning that your lower legs will be working harder. It’s not the case in the DynaFlyte.

So what do they ride like? Well we’ve racked up the mileage in these and love them. They are really well cushioned – they feel soft, you get a bounce back and there’s no ‘slap’ on landing. The fact that you get this level of cushioning in this lightweight package is insane.


The DynaFlyte incorporates a few Asics technologies. Their Trussic system refers to the grooving out of the outsole under the heel reducing the weight while ‘retaining structural integrity’. They work fine.

They have also incorporated their Guidance Line through the outsole: a vertical flex groove along the line of progression through the running gait. A further two horizontal flex grooves under the forefoot ensures additional flexibility. In short – these shoes feel flexible and fast!

These grooves cut in to the dual density multi-colored waffle patterned grip which worked fine for us on road and trail. Very smooth.


The DynaFlyte been designed to offer the best of both worlds: an everyday high mileage trainer is a lightweight package.

High mileage and lightweight? It’s a tall order.

We’ve been around long enough to have seen technologies come and go. Some have been groundbreaking, most are slight improvements, others just different and many were just lousy. 

FlyteFoam is simply brilliant. It offers exceptional cushioning. The midsole feels soft but secure. The combination of the sock-like upper, midsole qualities and smooth riding and flexible outsole makes you feel – well, fast!

And that is the golden nugget – any shoe that can make you feel fast, can make you feel like you want to get out for a run or add another couple of mile on just because you can, is a shoe you’ll remember forever. 

Let us know what you think!

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Gender: Mens
Year: 2016
Season: Autumn
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RRP: £130.00
Release date: 2016


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