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Mens Adidas Solar Glide 19

Mens Adidas Solar Glide 19
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A stable, neutral shoe that offers a more balanced ride than the Ultra Boost. Whilst you still get all the benefits of the Boost midsole, this model feels a lttle more supportive and 'under control'. It's our prefence over the Ultra Boost, especially given its price.

Mens Adidas Solar Glide 19

A stable, neutral shoe that offers a more balanced ride than the Ultra Boost. Whilst you still get all the benefits of the Boost midsole, this model feels a lttle more supportive and 'under control'. It's our prefence over the Ultra Boost, especially given its price.

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Our verdict

The adidas Solar Glide is a springy everyday road running shoe with an adaptable and breathable upper. The midsole is a combination of Boost and CM-EVA and as such we think it's a little more stable and indeed better value than the Ultra Boost.

  • Positive
  • Good cushioning from the Boost midsole
  • Good traction outsole
  • Good value
  • Negative
  • The Solar Drive is even better value

First impressions

A stable, well cushioned and responsive ride make this a great everyday, high-mileage shoe for those seeking a ride that offers a little something back in every step.

The Solar Glide sits below the Adidas Ultra Boost and the Ultra Boost PB but above the Solar Drive 19. If you want more stability, check out the Solar Glide ST 19.


The Boost midsole is known for its responsive cushioning qualities and we have those here in an abundance. Combined with the Solar stability midsole and you get a much more stable package than that offered by Boost alone.

It works well and helps keep even mild over-pronators steady, making this a versatile option for many runners.


An engineered mesh upper is a rather simple yet effective design. It provides a durable and comfortable fit and remains very breathable.


Continental Rubber Outsole - used on the majority of the brands running footwear, offers great traction in the wet and dry. It's hard wearing too, without adding to much by way of weight to the overall package.


Good cushioning, good levels of stability and good traction makes this a versatile and durable shoe. It's well priced too and in line with many of the top contenders from other brands. If only it wasn't for the even better priced, Solar Drive, it would be a no brainer.

Technical info

Boost Midsole - Provides superior and responsive cushioning for maximum energy return.

Solar Propulsion Rail - Increases stability for a smooth, distraction-free run.

Torsion System - Increases the shoe's torsional rigidity and promotes a stable ride.

Continental Rubber - Extraordinary grip in wet and dry conditions.

Rating of 8_0
A review by danruns
July 3, 2020
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The Adidas Sleeper

This shoe was a real surprise to me. I was searching for a solid daily trainer which could also be used for long runs this was when I tried the Solarglide 19.
I've got near to 270 KM's or about 170 Miles and I've really enjoyed the shoe, it's got very minimal wear to the outsole and I'm quite a hard striker with no wear at all to the upper, I can easily see this shoe going to about 700 to 800 km or 400 to 500 Miles.
The boost is very cushioned but not too soft as the torsion system mixed with the forefoot Eva gives a good rebound. I've just come back from a injury and this shoe has really helped not only for being well cushioned but also helping me with my foot strike. I've found I'm landing more on my forefoot to midfoots these days. So If you wanting to buy the Solar Boost but it's a bit too expensive I'd really recommend the Solarglide as they generally always on sale and at a much more affordable price. I have not tried the solar drive but for me the bit of Eva at the toe in the Solarglide as well as the torsion system really helps me at faster paces. I would give this shoe a 10 however I did experience a bit of heel slippage at the start but with the right heel lockdown that was not an issue and the only other downside is the weight. You don't feel the weight much when running but when you put on a lighter shoe you definitely feel difference. I would not race a 10k or 5k in this shoe although I believe It can do that but I'd definitely use it as a half or full marathon as that boost and torsion system really helps when your legs are a bit tired. There's just lighter options out there for the 10k and 5k such as the Boston or the adios line. It also does have a wider base and a spacious toebox if you do want more of a snug fit I'd recommend go a half size down however I do not think that is necessary. I'm currently loving this shoe on my long runs and well as everyday runs. I have not done much speed work in it yet but I believe it's a good interval shoe as you can pick up the pace but also slowdown and both feel comfortable. That's why I believe this is the Adidas Sleeper no one talks about this shoe but it's a really great shoe for a decent price for that durability.

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Shoe details

Gender Mens
Year 2020
Season Spring/Summer
Current model
Release date 2020
MSRP $0.00
Weight 10.7oz / 303g
Heal Drop 10mm


Shoe Type
Light Trail
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