Overview Get a cushioned, responsive ride from start to finish in these men's running shoes. The adidas cushioning system Boost propels you forward with the energy from each footstrike, and an air mesh upper with seamless panels provides superior ventilation and comfort.

A Stretchweb outsole adapts to the way your foot hits the ground … and all for $80.

Take a look at the Nike Pegasus for similar performance. First Impressions Pick this up and you know you’re going to like them, not least because you’ve almost certainly clocked in that they are inexpensive. Have adidas therefore skimped on the technology provided? Heck no, these are packed with the stuff and you can tell as you flex them and feel the competitively light weight on what is clearly a well cushioned shoe. How does it ride ? Let’s check the details Midsole Great cushioning and like any shoe sporting Boost, the Response Plus is easy to get on with – you’ll like the way you feel your foot is propelled. As always, there’s an asterisk with that statement; you won’t be fired along the road, but your legs will enjoy the cushioning and reward you accordingly. Upper Good fit, with an upper that moves with your foot and supports it accordingly. Okay, it’s not a stability shoe but your foot does sit comfortably enough in what our testers are prepared to describe as a very, very comfortable upper. True, that’s not a scientific report, but you definitely get the drift – these are great shoes to wear (and they look good as well, so be prepared to use them out and out about!). Overall Conclusion: A great way to introduce yourself to running; for a great price you’ll get technology and performance in a shoe that’s great to wear and good to look at. How was the adidas Response Plus for you? Let us know, we’d love to report your findings.

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Gender: Mens
Year: 2016
Season: Spring/Summer
Current model:
RRP: £70.00
Release date: 2016


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Light Trail