This is a good price point for a light and responsive trail training shoe. It is not as light as the Swoop but still has a good responsive feel to it as well as packing plenty of grip.

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A review by peeler
February 13, 2013
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Great grip but big blood blisters!

I bought a pair of these after wearing the grip out on a pair of nike pegasus trail. The grip on the Kanadia is truly outstanding. The blood blisters I developed on both feet where the ball of the foot meets the arch were spectacularly too! They developed after only two runs of about 6 miles each. Given that I run about 40 to 50 miles a week and have never developed any blisters I put it down to the trainers.
Being a stubborn sod I persevered and even got new support insoles. Problem re-occurred. Being truly stubborn I gave them a rest, went back to the Pegasus, then tried a third time. Did 5 miles in really tough conditions then 8 average trail. The grip was still brilliant and the blood blisters still massive!
I've gone back to running in the Pegasus without any grip and sliding about in the mud and snow because it's better than the pain from the Kanadia! Best get some new trail shoes when I get paid.
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A review by lukeskye
September 22, 2008
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Monstrous shoes spotted above Loch Ness

I bought the grey shoes for £40 on Start Fitness, a great price for a "new on the market" shoe. Firstly, they looked real smart although I didn't think the black was quite so good looking. I would happily wear the shoes as casual. Anyway, to the running. I live in Inverness so I thought i'd take my new clogs on a wee trek into the hills above Loch Ness. I covered 13 miles on every conceivable surface from muddy quagmires to bouncy forest tracks, from steep inclines caked in gloop to fast downhills with random scree bouncing around my knees.I have to say i'm no specialist runner/shoe reviewer so my comments may lack technical stuff! There wasn't as much "bounce" in the heels as i'm used to(previous trail shoes Asics Trabucco)but as i spent most of my time going up, this didn't really cause any pain. On the flat and downhill the shoes were as light as a feather. In the mud I had as much traction as a Massey Ferguson.By the end of my run, I was well impressed. To go for 13 miles in a brand new pair of shoes and not even mention sore feet proves the build quality of these excellent shoes. They fitted like slippers and put an extra spring in my step. For the price, they're very, very hard to fault. A wee bit more cushioning would do it for me but that's to take nothing away from an excellent product.
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