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Mens Adidas Adizero Sub 2

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It is a great racing shoe, aimed at 2 the two Adidas runners in the world capable of a sub 2hrs marathon and a great racer for the masses over 5-10km

Mens Adidas Adizero Sub 2

It is a great racing shoe, aimed at 2 the two Adidas runners in the world capable of a sub 2hrs marathon and a great racer for the masses over 5-10km
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Our verdict

The marketing machine of crazy sub 2 hour marathons continues, and lets face facts, the shoes are going to make such a small difference to the performance against the insane amount of training and mind blowing pace that needs to be sustained. Adidas launch a sub 2 shoe (mainly because they are the only other brand who have the money to pay the athletes capable), it’s great, but it is useless for most of us if we are really honest.

  • Positive
  • Its very very very light. Very light
  • Insanely comfortable upper for sock free use
  • Low profile racer, but Boost makes it wearable
  • Negative
  • Incredibly expensive for such a niche shoe

First impressions

The thought of running a marathon is this shoe when I took it out the box, made my feet hurt, my calves tighten and my Achilles twang, and I was sitting down. Lets be realistic, anyone under 2.20hrs would be crazy to wear this shoe, so that puts it beyond most of us. However I took it to the training night and did a 6 x 1 miles session in them, and I absolutely loved them! They are soft on foot, supple through the running gait, and very soft compared to my harsher racing shoes. The boost midsole is low profile, but it is highly flexible and surprising well cushioned.


Marketed as Boost Light – which I presume is obviously Boost with more air in there – and I cannot say its lighter than Boost which is already very light, but there is nothing to this shoe in the hand. Considering its so close to the ground, and low profile you get great cushioning and its very supple and flexible, so you can really feel the ground, and drive off your toes. As a midsole compound its beautiful for a racing shoe.


Constructed from a single-layer, very light mesh, which on examination should wear well enough considering it is not an everyday shoe. There are soft microfiber re-enforcements on the inside to give limited support across the midfoot, and surprisingly stable heel counter which gives great lockdown. My pet hate right now is really sloppy heel counters on racing shoes, as I think you loose some power from unwanted movement of the foot.


Continental rubber outsole is high grade and its got superb traction – I did a road workout in this shoe on a wet night, and the grip was excellent. There is surprisingly a full rubber outsole, which is probably the case to work in combination with the Boost material midsole, and offer some structure to the overall shoe. Very thin lugs will not last too long – 2 to 300 miles but luckily that is a lot of 5km races!


The best reason to justify this shoe is as a showcase of superb modern shoe making capabilities. Ultra-strong, lightweight mesh uppers, no sew internal re-enforcements, and a midsole material that offers amazing cushioning even in conjunction with an ultra low profile design. An excellent 5-10km racing shoe for the average runner, with money burning holes in their pockets! Do you really need to pay so much for a stripped back, simple racing shoe?

Technical info

  • Air mesh upper - Single-layer construction provides breathable support.
  • Microfit technology - Promotes complete lockdown.
  • Heel cap - Secures the rearfoot to reduce slippage.
  • Perforated sockliner - Supplies ventilated underfoot comfort.
  • BOOST Light midsole - Half the weight of regular boost, it provides radically responsive cushioning.
  • Continental Microweb outsole - Offers a smooth, adaptive ride with superior grip.

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Shoe details

Gender Mens
Year 2018
Season Spring/Summer
Current model
Release date March 2018
MSRP $0.00
Weight 5.6oz / 157g
Heal Drop 8mm
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