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Womens 361 Yushan

Womens 361 Yushan
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The brands most versatile off-roader

Womens 361 Yushan

The brands most versatile off-roader
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Our verdict

A supportive, well-cushioned shoe that is packed with tech and super grippy.

  • Positive
  • Good combination of cushioning and traction
  • Negative
  • There is great competition at this price point

First impressions

The brands most versatile off-roader, this model is aimed at those covering long distances or regular trail runs and features the brand’s proprietary cushioning technology, ‘Qu!kfoam’. This responsive material is encapsulated in the heel and covers the full width of the forefoot. In this configuration it ensures cushioning and a great toe-off. 

The Yushan sits above the 361 Taroko 2 in the 361 trail shoe offering.


The midsole features a ‘Qu!kfoam’ material which is responsive and encapsulated in the heel and covers the full width of the forefoot. In this configuration it ensures cushioning and a great toe-off. 

A forefoot rock-plate provides protection from sharp stones and the outsole has a versatile design which, works well in all conditions and even feels reasonably comfortable on those short ‘door-to-trail’ sections of a run.


The knitted upper is strong yet breathable and with a gusseted tongue it manages to keep debris at bay. The clever lacing system wraps the foot and holds it securely in place, providing more stability to the shoe. 


Ultra-gripping and stability outsole lugs.


A really good off-road package packed with tech. It’s very much a versatile, workhorse trail shoe that copes well with most conditions.

Technical info

One-piece, reinforced durable knit upper that provides a supportive contoured fit.

Interior BIGTOE-Shield designed under high friction point in the vamp.

Beveled heel provides a smoother transition and enhances efficiency during gait.

Ultra-gripping and stability outsole lugs handle rocky technical terrain with ease.

Flexible StoneShield rock plate protection under the forefoot.

Pressure Free Tongue designed to provide comfort and avoid irritation during flexion.

Full length QU!KFOAM midsole top-layer provides shock attenuation and a smooth ride.

QU!K flex forefoot design provides for a more natural and balanced toe-off enhancing ground contact and better acceleration.

• Molded QU!KFOAM insole for plush in-foot comfort

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Shoe details

Gender Womens
Year 2020
Season Spring/Summer
Current model
Release date 2020
MSRP $0.00
Heal Drop 8mm
Weight 9.9oz / 283g


Off Road Use
Short Trail
Long Trail
Shoe Type
Light Trail
Severe Trail
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