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Womens 361 Taroko

Womens 361 Taroko
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Nice combination of cushioning and versatile traction (as well as a good value price point) might give this shoe a chance in a very competitive off-road market.

Womens 361 Taroko

Nice combination of cushioning and versatile traction (as well as a good value price point) might give this shoe a chance in a very competitive off-road market.

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Our verdict

At a very competitive price point for a trail shoe, this model out performs its price and a lot of the competition. A versatile, go anywhere shoe that offers top end road shoe fit and feel.

  • Positive
  • Good level of cushioning
  • Versatile off-road grip
  • Good value
  • Negative
  • None

First impressions

A plush, durable shoe that is as happy off-road on the rough stuff as it is on firmer gravel tracks. A go-anywhere options thats well priced and well made.

The Taroko sits just below the trail range topping 361 Yushan.


A layer of Qu!kfoam offers a responsive feel and combined with CM-EVA keeps things stable and under control off-road. 

It's relative firm compared to many road shoes, but for a trail shoe we think its very well balanced for a smooth go anywhere ride.


The upper is really well put together, if anything a little over engineered for a trail shoe. It is very plush and very padded, especially around the heel collar. It could actually loose a little bulk and reduce weight, but that can be done in the next version, for now enjoy the plush fit and feel.


The relatively deep chevron tread pattern, that covers the full width of the sole makes this a shoe capable of tackling any routes. 

On firm packed gravel its balanced enough not to feel harsh and on soft ground deep enough to help keep you upright.


The combination of a good level of cushioning combined with a sole that can pretty much go anywhere make this a versatile option for off-roaders. The price, coming in a little cheaper than many competitors makes it a more interesting proposition.

Technical info

Flexible and comfortable midsole powered by QU!KFOAM to maximize responsiveness, cushioning and durability.

High abrasive rubber heel crash pad providing great traction, flexion and shock dispersion.

Molded QU!KFOAM insole for plush in-foot comfort.

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Shoe details

Gender Womens
Year 2020
Season Spring/Summer
Current model
Release date 2020
MSRP $0.00
Weight 10.7oz / 305g
Heal Drop 9mm


Off Road Use
Short Trail
Long Trail
Shoe Type
Light Trail
Severe Trail
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