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Womens 361 Spire 4

Womens 361 Spire 4
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We test the latest range topping neutral cushioned shoe from 361

Womens 361 Spire 4

We test the latest range topping neutral cushioned shoe from 361

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Our verdict

361 have been around for a while and have struggled to obtain a foothold in a crowded market but they make very good shoes. The Squire 4 is well cushioned and has a very nice engineered mesh upper. Owned by a could of ex Asics guys, they ride like an Asics shoe. Worth a look.

  • Positive
  • Well made and durable
  • Nicely designed and created upper
  • Negative
  • Probably too expensive against the opposition

First impressions

Aiming to compete better in the premium cushioning segment of the market, the latest version of the brands range topping neutral cushioned shoe sees improvements to its midsole. 


A new QU!CKSPRING+ material has been inserted into the rear of the shoe for improved cushioning on impact. Along with the QU!CKFOAM forefoot it provides a balance feel capable of high mileage requirements. The shoe also features a carbon fibre plate, here to provide midfoot stability.


A new upper has the premium touch and with integrated lacing straps to support the midfoot provides a firm but very comfortable hold around the foot. 


The usual tougher rubber in the key wear areas.


The shoe runs very well and feels good enough to compete with others in this category, certainly making it an option should you wish to stray from the familiar names.

Technical info

  • Upper features a breathable knitted upper with a roomier vamp promoting more ventilation and natural foot movement.
  • MORPHIT construction in the mid-foot and  heel to provide a comfortable, secure and supportive environment.
  • Pressure Free Tongue is designed to provide comfort and avoid irritation during flexion.
  • Ortholite insoles utilize 20% recycled content while still retaining the performance fit and comfort that runners want.
  • The QU!K Spine is a carbon fiberglass shank that adds linear integrity to the mid-foot. 
  • QU!K Flex 4Foot Engineering provides for a natural and balanced toe-off and enhances ground contact for better acceleration.
  • QU!K Spring+, an EVA foam designed to provide more rebound and comfort in a lightweight package. 
  • QU!KFOAM, a midsole material comprised of an EVA rubber blend with PU coating that provides excellent durability, cushioning and responsiveness

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Shoe details

Gender Womens
Year 2020
Season Spring/Summer
Current model
Release date 2020
MSRP $0.00
Weight 8.1g / 232oz
Heal Drop 9mm


Shoe Type
Light Trail