Heart rate zone calculator

To get the best results from your training it is best to run at a variety of paces and intensities.

To find out your training zones just put your maximum heart rate into the box below.

Using a heart rate monitor to check your average heart rate on runs or the heart rate you reach in efforts on any interval work will ensure you are training at the correct level.

You should speak to your doctor or physician to ensure you are fit to embark on any exercise programme.

If you do not know you maximum heart rate click here to find out how to find it.

Why do we set training at different paces?

Why use your heart rate?

The Maximum Heart Rate Test

Competitive athlete heart rate calculator

If you are an experienced competitive athlete and ready to race competitively over 10M or half marathon there is another test which can give a more accurate indication of your training bands. Click here to find out about this test