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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m really not very fit. Would I get anything out of Shoeguide Coaching?
Our training schedules are drawn up based on your personal profile. So the training schedule you are sent will be geared towards taking your current level of fitness and moving this forwards at a pace appropriate to you.

I’m an experienced runner and know a lot about training. What will I gain from joining the Coaching?
Your running schedule will be drawn up to meet your personal requirements. Your running schedule will include a variety of sessions to maximise the physiological benefits and mental stimulation. Even for runners with a vast knowledge the tailored training will allow you to focus on doing the work rather than worrying about planning it.

I want to get in shape, lose a bit of weight and tone up, I don’t want to race like Paula Radcliffe. Can you help me?
Definitely. Just choose the appropriate goal on your profile and the training will be geared for this. As you get in shape and tone up you will find that you look better, feel healthier and are better at any exercise you do too! They are all great bonuses!

I just run/walk for fitness, isn’t Shoeguide Coach a bit serious for me?
We set training for the full spectrum of abilities - for recreational runners and walkers as well as the elite. You choose how much you want to put in to your training and we make sure you get the maximum benefit from this. The training will be varied and interesting, you don’t have to think about what to do and you will get the maximal fitness benefits.

What is my training schedule geared towards?
Your training is set to whatever goal you choose, whether it is a health aim or based on an event. We look at the level of fitness you currently have and work towards success at your chosen goal.

What happens if I find the training becomes too hard or too easy?
There are full instructions on what to do in this situation in the guide to understanding your training. You can change your training at any time. The next week’s training will be set at a new different level. You can change as many times as you wish but it is not advisable to keep chopping and changing.

What if I get ill or injured?
You should let us know straight away. If in doubt you should always stop training as you will do more harm than good by training when ill or injured. We will then help you back on the road to fitness.

What happens if I decide to change my goal?
This is no problem. In fact we encourage people to change goal every few months to add even more fun and variety to the training. Just go to your profile and change your goal there (remember to update your current fitness level too). We will adjust your training accordingly. If you do wish to continue with the same goal this is fine too.

I’m worried I won’t understand some of the jargon used in training schedules.
Each session has comments alongside it to help you understand what to do. You also receive a guide to help you understand some of the terms used, that guide is also available in the links on the right of this webpage. If you’re still struggling you can contact us.

I have an injury/illness problem. Can you tell me what to do?
We do not provide medical support as part of the coaching. We always recommend that you seek face-to-face help, advice and treatment from an appropriate healthcare professional. (Would you try to fix your car by trying to explain the problem/get advice via email? Your body is more important than your car!) The training we set is built around your current level of fitness. As mentioned above you need to speak to your doctor to ensure that you are healthy enough to do this.

Should I do anything before starting my training?
You should speak to your doctor before increasing or any changing your training. They will be able to check you are healthy enough to start the training and have no medical conditions that mean you should not do so.

I’m an experienced runner do I need to see my doctor before starting this training?
Yes. It is still right to do this (it is the National Health Service rather than the National Sickness Service after all!). Elite athletes get themselves checked out regularly to try to pick up on any problems before they develop, so do the same. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions (eg asthma) it is also a good chance to check that they are being managed to the best possible extent.