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Absolute Beginners Advice

Exercise can be accessible to everyone.

The good news is that our simple to follow training schedules can cater for a huge range of fitness needs and lifestyles. As a beginner it is all the more important that your training is suitable, enjoyable and fits your weekly routine.

If you have not exercised recently we recommend that you follow these steps:

1 Visit your doctor

Be pro-active. You must check you are healthy to start exercising – your doctor will do this. But they will also be able to give you advice on diet and lifestyle, as well as making any recommendations in light of any pre-existing medical conditions or past problems you have. Treat your doctor as someone you consult about your health, not just about your illnesses.

2 Choose a goal

Click on ‘Choose your target’ on the right hand menu and decide whether it is a running, walking or a health based programme that would suit you best. If you think a 5K target sounds more fun than ‘toning up’ then go for it! You are not committing to run a 5K! (it may be worth looking at ‘How much time do I need’ on the right hand menu if you have a firm goal in mind)

3 Find your starting point

We recommend that you start by training three days a week and spread these through the week. A little and often is far better than fewer bigger session a week, and smaller sized sessions are easier to find time for. These will certainly not all be hard sessions! As you get fitter you may decide to add extra days to your training.

Our running-only schedules all start from a minimum requirement of being able to run for 10min at a time. If you are not sure whether you are able to do this, having checked with your doctor, head out of the door and give it a go! Start slowly (most people set off way too fast) and see how you go. If you can run for 10min without undue discomfort you can start on a running schedule. If not there is no shame in it at all. Choose a walking or a running and walking schedule and you will see your fitness quickly progressing.

4 Set your profile and get ready to move on!

Once you know what you want to do just set your profile and sign up to Sports Fitness Coaching. Remember that you can change you profile at any time you want. It may be a change in the most convenient days. Your goal may change or you may find your fitness is progressing at a rate that means you want to update your profile to take account of this. Keep your profile up to date to ensure your training is always relevant and suitable to your current circumstances.


Do not exercise if you are ill, injured, feeling very tired or your doctor has recommended against it! If in doubt speak to your doctor.