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At Shoeguide.run we love reviewing shoes

We try and bring you un-biased reviews to help you pick from the vast choice of products available. However don't just take our word for it... we want your reviews too!

Find a shoe you run in, leave a review (either good or bad!) and our favourite one will win a brand new pair of shoes of their choice from our current top 10!

Winner anounced by email on the 31st July 2020

Shoeguide Coaching

World class coaching for everyone!

Ever wanted someone who could give you great training advice?

Alan Storey

Whatever your ability, whatever your target and whatever your lifestyle, Shoeguide.run can help you enjoy your running and achieve your goals. We’ve teamed up with one of the very best coaches on the planet, Alan Storey, to deliver a the right training programme, specifically for you

Alan has coached countless runners to become as good as they can be, from club runners to World Record holders including Mo Farah.

Alan Storey
More about Alan

About Alan

Alan Storey has spent years helping people just get better at running. While often seen weekly at tracks and in parks helping students and everyday runners improve, Alan has built his reputation on coaching some of the World’s best athletes.

Alan has coached international athletes across the world. He’s coached Olympic, World and European Champions, a World Cross Country Champion and numerous National record holders.

Alan has helped athletes reach their full potential over distances ranging from 800m through to ultra-marathon, but if your goal is to jog a 5k without stopping, Alan can help you too.

Have Alan coach you – did we mention it’s FREE?

Alan Storey
Training for the grim challenge?

Coaching for all abilities

Whether you are just starting to jog or looking for that extra edge, our tailor made training schedules will guide you every step of the way. Your weekly schedule will be deigned to fit with your lifestyle, your diary, your level of fitness and the goals you wish to achieve.

A schedule that is adaptable and as flexible as you need it to be!

Let Coach Alan transform your training routine. Get YOUR Programme NOW

Tailored to your level of fitness
Fitted around your diary and lifestyle
Taking you to your personal goals
Fun, varied and motivating
Simple to understand
Designed by a world class expert for YOU

Best of all... it's totally FREE!

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