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Hoka Running Shoe Reviews

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Massive midsoles, with insanely thick layers of CMEVA underfoot and a wide base of support, is the signature look of Hoka One One. A newer brand to the market created by some clever people who are ex Salomon, offers runners the option of maximal cushioning but not much weight, and a really smooth heel to toe transition thanks to a clever rocker shape in the midsole. 

Hoka are not the softest shoes on the market despite the midsole thickness which many people find surprising, as the EVA can be firm feeling in most Hoka shoes, but the shape of the midsoles delivers a unique feeling which if suits you, is a beautiful feeling underfoot. Because of the midsole thickness, Hoka can create a heavily curved shape in the heel and under the toes, so you can a gentle (supported) landing and a nice roll during toe off – something traditional geometries in shoes doesn’t allow. 

Hoka shoes can have twice the thickness of EVA than some other running shoes and with that thickness comes width of midsole – so overall, it’s a huge block of foam that protects the foot in lightweight shoes. This very wide base of midsole gives a really solid platform and is very controlling and supports the foot well. 

Hoka are not for everyone, especially the look of them, but they are definitely worth a try if you need a combination of support and cushioning in a high mileage trainer.