Protect yourself from the sun

Running in the summer sun feels great but don't get caught out, you'll still need to protect yourself from the sun. Here are our 5 top tips:

Run early, run late

If you can avoid the heat of the day, you probably should. Not only will you not need to be too concerned with the dangers of sun exposure, you might actually function better in the cooler temperature. The risks of sunstroke or dehydration are much reduced.

Wear a hat!

The specialist sports stores should all carry tech caps to allow air flow and keep the sun from burning your head. Caps also help keep the sun out of your eyes keeping you relaxed. Buffs are also great for covering your head and keeping the sun off your neck.

Sun Protectant Apparel

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “Clothing is the single most effective form of sun protection”, so don't strip off! Brands offer super hi-tech clothing these days and one recent design direction is incorporating sun-repellent features in their clothing. Look out for tees offering UPF protection.

Don't forget the sun-cream

If running long or perhaps competing in long-distance races, you should consider some sun cream. However, it does have a tendency to 'sweat off' so don't forget to reapply regularly.

UV Arm Sleeves

Want the freedom of a tee but want to cover up? You might want to consider arm sleeves. Popular with cyclists, they're also available for runners with UV protection.

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