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At Shoeguide.run we love reviewing shoes

We try and bring you un-biased reviews to help you pick from the vast choice of products available. However don't just take our word for it... we want your reviews too!

Find a shoe you run in, leave a review (either good or bad!) and our favourite one will win a brand new pair of shoes of their choice from our current top 10!

Winner anounced by email on the 31st July 2020

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Could you be a tester for www.shoeguide.run?

Could you be a tester for www.shoeguide.run?

Published April 14, 2017, Author Shoe Guide
shoeguide.run covers hundreds of pairs of running shoes.
To do this we use a range of testers to gather reports on all different types of running shoe and find their suitability for a variety of runners.

If you think you have what it takes to be a www.shoeguide.run tester then why not let us know?

Remember, you do not need to be a great runner to test shoes for us. We are looking for a range of abilities, shapes and sizes to reflect the huge variety of people who run.

If you would like to be considered a tester then first of all you should post a report on at least one pair of shoes on www.shoeguide.run.* Then send us an email with the following information:
  • Links to your posted report(s)
  • Information about the amount of running you do and the surfaces you run on.
  • A brief profile of yourself including your foot-type and what type of shoes you usually wear. See this page if you need help to know what foot type you are.
  • Your shoe size including brand and model (as we know not all shoes ‘come-up’ the same)
  • Any other information you think will be relevant, particularly on how we can trust you to be reliable in returning reports punctually which have honest and useful information.

We will select suitable site users and send them shoes to do reports for us. Don’t worry if you don’t hear anything straight away. We test shoes all year round and will contact selected site users when we have shoes appropriate to them.

* Here are some pointers to writing a good review:
  1. Be as descriptive as possible. ‘They’re great’ or ‘They’re rubbish’ gives other site users some help but is limited information. Why are they good? What are the weaknesses?
  2. Think about who they would be suited to. Are there people who should avoid this shoe? Are there people who will love the shoe?
  3. Tell us about the striking characteristics of the shoe. Tell us if the shoe changes over time if it either wears out quickly or beds in after a few runs. Let us know if you also ran in the last version of the shoe and how the new model compares.
  4. Give an indication of what type of use you have given the shoes: Are you a heavier runner? Do you run on road/trail/treadmill? What kind of mileage have you put in wearing the shoes?
Remember, you should try to be as helpful as possible in guiding other site users towards whether the shoes are likely to right for them or not.

For more information on how to use www.shoeguide.run to find the best running shoes click here.
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