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Running makes you happy!

Running makes you happy!

Published March 16, 2018, Author Shoe Guide

Running Makes you Happy!

Route to Happiness

Finding ways of making yourself happy may seem difficult, but it's been scientifically proven that running makes you happy and there have been many studies on the subject.

One study by a pair of American psychologists studied hundreds of people they found that the people in the top 10% of their happiness rating spent the least-time alone and the most time socialising. This fits in with another finding that if someone is miserable a very good way of cheering them up is to increasing the number of people they have social contacts with.

Another study of 1000 women in Texas found that exercise was high on the list of activities done during a day that make people happier (above socialising at work and speaking on the phone).

So our advice to you is to mix socialising and exercising – find someone to train with and increase your happiness levels!

Oh, and if you're interested - 
Marriage, it seems, does make us happier (despite what the sit coms may tell us) - and yes, it was a suprise to us married guys at shoeguide as well!

Money on the other hand, does not seem to have much effect on happiness. True, unless you can't pay your bills I guess...

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