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Running and your busy schedule

Running and your busy schedule

Published March 07, 2018, Author John Gladwin

Too busy to run? Or just struggling to find how to fit running in to your busy work schedule. Getting the work / run balance right is often tough and work often wins the arguement. However, we know that we feel better when we run so here are a few pointers that might help you get that balance back and help you fit running in to your busy day.

Too busy to run? Keep it short

People who do shorter training sessions are more likely to keep it up than those doing longer sessions. So if you only have 20 minutes to go for a walk or a swift run, do it! Something is better than nothing and you will certainly reap the benefits.

Find a friend

Encourage a friend to join you when you exercise. This means that instead of having to make time to catch up with them AND exercise you can do the two at the same time. If there’s a group of you all the better.

Having a partner to train with makes it easier to commit. Too often it is exercise that suffers when the schedule gets tight even when this is not what you’d want.

Even if you are not meeting someone having a person to share your training experiences with helps you to stay motivated and disciplined. Their encouragement and support can also help you to take a stand against those making excessive demands on your time.

Get organised

We have all been there. A vague but sincere agreement to meet a friend for coffee as soon as possible never happens. Write it in for 1pm on Wednesday and it happens – even if it is rescheduled.

Be the same with your exercise. You are going to the gym at 6pm on Wednesday and for a 25min run at 8am on Saturday. Write it in the diary. Be specific about what you are going to do too. An idea you should do ‘something’ today is likely to be missed. Knowing what you have to do will give more focus.

Time Neutral?

If you travel too and from work, could you park somewhere away from the office and jog in? Could you get off the train or bus a few stops earlier and run home? Fitting running in around your travel plans can often prove a good way of getting your training done in a time neutral way. It might even save you a few bucks in travel costs!

Get a training schedule

A training schedule will give you focus. It is also another way of making you more confident when telling other people your commitments. Which is bolder? ‘I wanted to do some exercise today’ or ‘My schedule says I have a 30min easy run to do today’

Running is the best form of exercise for a busy lifestyle

It's true! It's weight bearing (unlike swimming or cycling) which means it's easier to work harder. You're pulse rate = work rate, so getting your pulse up to a decent level and keeping it there for 15 mins is extremely benificial to your health. You might need to be in the saddle 3 or 4 times the length of time to get the same benifit so running is a great exercise for a busy life.


So, if you think you are too busy to run, think again. A great man once said to me - "A day that I am too busy to run, is a day that I am too busy". I love that saying. He was the deputy editor of a world reknown national newspaper and I ofter saw him running after 11pm. What a man!

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