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10 routes to variety

10 routes to variety

Published April 17, 2018, Author Shoe Guide

Keep running fresh

Running is a very simple form of exercise. That sometimes makes us fall into the routine of doing the same run again and again – same route, same distance, same pace. Break out of this to boost your fitness and get more enjoyment from your running:

  1. Explore. Find different routes, of different lengths, on different surfaces, with different views. If you have time drive to woods, a park or trail you can explore.
  2. Stay steady. Many people try to run too fast. Control your effort so you can speak in sentences to your running mate
  3. Slow it down. Make some runs EASY. This will make you able to run for longer on these runs. This gives you more route options and builds endurance
  4. Speed it up. Do some runs shorter and faster. Only include any form of faster running (including those suggested in points 5-8) on one run in three.
  5. Start slow and build up your pace. This is called an ‘acceleration run’. Always finish with a slow jog.
  6. Alternate fast and slow paces by time. Start and finish with a slow jog. You may use the same times throughout e.g. 1min hard, 2min slow jog and repeat, or vary the times throughout.
  7. Vary paces by landmark. This could mean you run fast to the lamppost, walk to the tree, then jog to the gate and so on.
  8. Run as you feel. Forget land marks, forget the watch. If you want to run fast for a bit then do it. Then run slow until deciding to walk, run steady, run fast – just go with the flow.
  9. Find someone else to run with. If you don’t already have a running partner find one. If you do look for another one. You may do your faster runs with someone better than you (who has it as an easier run for them) or do slower runs with someone not as good (you can run to where you meet if you want to add distance). You can encourage and help each other.
  10. Set a schedule. Plan out what you will do when so that you have a list of different runs to do at different times without repeating the same runs. Get a flexible routine. Of course, feel free to ‘improvise’.
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